God will provide

22 Nov

Oh, I had fun tonight!  A friend down the street was having a Bunco party, and invited me and another neighbor to come.  I had played bunco once before, but had forgotten really what it was all about.  We sat, all 13 of us ladies, for 2 hours playing this great game.  It was loud, it was fast, and it was a blast!  I did pretty good with all the food that was there.  This time, I actually looked at it.  I wasn’t tempted, but had a twinge of sorrow that I couldn’t yet have any.  I also missed not being able to have just one glass of wine.  Not that I needed to drink in excess, but every now and then I do like that.  That one, along with my coffee, I miss.  But, even so, I didn’t need the drinks to have a blast.  It was just so much fun to share the evening with a bunch of ladies playing a game.

The greatest part though was at the end.  You see, things are tight financially for us right now.  This diagnosis of Crohn’s couldn’t have come at a worse spot.  Looking into the future, I really have no idea how I will afford the supplements I want to take for the next 6 months.  That’s another spot that would just be easier if I was on drugs….at least they would be partially paid for by my insurance.  But because I have chosen this route for right now, the finances weigh on me at times.  My friend told me to look at it this way:  just like someone who needs medicine to survive, I now need these meds and certain foods that I normally would not get.  But without them, I will certainly decline health-wise, and that will affect my family as well.  So, I bite the bullet, buy the things I need, and I trust God for the rest.

But that’s the cool part.  Yesterday at the store I wanted to buy a blender because ours broke, and I make smoothies for myself and kids a lot.  I found one for $20, which was what I wanted to pay.  As I was checking out I asked the clerk if she had a coupon that might take some off of the blender, and she said yes, and that it was 10%.  She then said “how about this coupon?”  I replied that I didn’t think it worked with what I was buying, but she tried it anyway, and saved me another $5 when I shouldn’t have been able to do that!  At that moment I knew God was telling me, “don’t worry my child.  This is just a small thing, but I’ve got you covered, on it all!”  I truly felt his hand of blessing on me.

And then tonight at Bunco, I didn’t realize we had to pay $10 to play.  I couldn’t back out at the last-minute, so I reached in my pocket and pulled out a 10.  If I would have known it was going to cost me to play I likely would not have come.  But at the end of the night the hostess asked for who had one the most games, and that happened to be me.  She then gave me $30 as a prize for that.  I felt so blessed!  But, God wasn’t done with me yet!  They then went on to ask for the most “bunco’s” of which I had 4, along with 2 other ladies.  To determine who won we had a roll-off, and I got the highest number.  The prize?  $50!!!!  I walked in not knowing I had to pay anything and walked out with $70 more in my pocket! 

It was just another sweet reminder that though I don’t know how all this will turn out, My God does, and he will not fail me.

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