24 Nov

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you are just running, and running, and running?  I’m not sure if that was my day, but I did feel some of those “yo-yo” things today.  The main one was with the doctor.  Grrrrr……

I got the files from the doctor, and it really made me mad!  It was pretty clear (at least to me) that he was just patronizing me in our visit, and that he really puts no credibility in natural ways to help Crohn’s.  He called me “naive” and said that sure I can try to control this with diet, but in 6 months when I come back I’ll be put on drugs anyway, REGARDLESS if I am in remission or not.

Excuse me???  So, even if I am able to make the Crohn’s symptoms get better through diet and supplements, you will STLL want me to go on drugs???  And WHY is that???

Doesn’t make sense to me.  Eventually drugs…probably yes.  Right now?  Not on your life.  There are to many questions yet that need to be addressed before I start plugging my body with drugs.

But, even though I REALLY might want to respond to the comments, I decided I should resist.  Conviction time.  Is that truly what Jesus would do?  Is that a good example.  Sigh….

No, it’s not.  We’ll read the files and then go from there.  In the meantime, the hamster wheel continues.  The info from the doctor made me sad and angry, both things not good for my gut.  It’s acting up a bit today.  Not sure what’s going on, but I have faith in My God, My Jesus, and The Holy Spirit to work through this. 


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Posted by on November 24, 2009 in Crohn's Journal


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