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Today, I am very tired.  I get days like this sometimes on the restricted diet I’m on.  I know that I’m not getting all the nutrition I need.  I’m still unsure about veggies, and what I can eat.  I need to be more brave in those choices, but it is very hard to do when you are afraid of the symptoms returning.  Usually I do pretty good.  But today I just feel run down.  I also am not sure what I can eat.  I need something, but what?  I don’t want yogurt, or another egg, or broth.  I think I want bread, but not sure, and won’t go there.  I just want….something.

Sometimes eating restricted isn’t so fun, you know?

I could also be tired because I’m fighting a cold, and my 7-year old daughter has had ear aches the last two nights, so I’ve not gotten a lot of sleep.  I HAVE discovered though that I can take Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  When I have a cold, that’s the toughest part…..trying to ignore the stuffy nose and tickle in your throat. 

I sure hope I can sleep tonight.  I think I’ll go make myself a cup of hot peppermint tea with fresh lemon juice and dark honey.  Maybe that will help me.


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Back to basics

So, I’ve been doing pretty good, adding new foods and such.  But last week I had a ton more gas.  I wasn’t sure if it was the little bits of new foods I added (hello….turkey???), or just my system.  Regardless, I decided it couldn’t hurt for me to go back to the basics with the SCD diet. 

As bland as it might seem, this is what I’m striving to do for a while:

Breakfast:  yogurt and berry smoothie w/keifer, or bowl of yogurt with berries

Snack: same as above or a fried egg (fried in coconut oil)

Lunch: Broth a la Jordin Rubin.

Snack: Keifer or yogurt, as needed.

Dinner: Chicken broth and add one new food

Pretty bland, but I’m doing great on this reduction.  I think adding the new foods was fine, but as slow as I went, I might have gone too fast.  The only way for me to stick with this, is to “schedule” out what I’m going to eat each meal.  I hate that constriction on me, but I know it’s for my own health.

Cheers to good health!

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Sometimes it just sucks

So Christmas was pretty good.  By now, almost 1 1/2 months into my “diet,” I’m past the point of being tempted by food (besides the licked spoon part!).  I can resist anything put in front of me, and know how I CAN eat if I am craving something.  Good stuff!

Today was tough.  I had gas that was very crampy.  Thankfully it came out, mostly.  Sometimes it just sit there in my gut and rumbled.  It was the kind of pain that almost doubled me over.  I have had that kind of pain before, but not for a long time (hmmm….was it Crohn’s before….or just bad gas?)

The problem right now is deciding what I’m eating that’s causing the gas, or if I’m just having gas because that’s a normal part of life.  I’ve never had gas and rumblings like this before.  I’m still VERY restricted on my diet, eating mostly broth, yogurt, berries, veggies, and some meat.  I think I need to scale it back even more, and really regulate (is…schedule) what I eat at eat meal.  It’s more strict than I want to be, honestly, but I think I need it.

On top of the gas today, I’ve gotten my kids’ colds.  I hope my T1 cells are still up and running and can fight it off.  But it’s getting worse.  I have to be careful of my mental status, and not let it get me down (which I believe can make it worse).  So far it’s a sore throat at runny nose.  But I have NO idea what to take to make it better!  In the past I would take various vitamins to “up” my immune system, but with CD, that seems to be a toss-up!  I hope it doesn’t get too much worse….I don’t want to deal with this right now.

I know that I am still blessed….it could be SO much worse.  I am glad I can eat what I am eating.  I have to remind myself that it’s a LONG journey, and to be patient and determined to succeed.


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Licked the spoon…..

So, after more than a month with no sugar, today I couldn’t resist.  It was one thing to not eat any cheesecake while at Thanksgiving.  I didn’t have to see it being made.  But today, I made the cheesecake.  And as I was putting the bowl into the sink, I just had to have a taste.  I know, I know.  It really isn’t that big of a deal.  One little (and it truly was little) taste won’t kill me and chances are will not do anything to my system at all.  Still, it’s the principle of the matter.  And, I’m just ticked at myself for having that moment of weakness.  Sigh….

Oh well, I guess life will go on. 

See you after Christmas and have a great time!

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Well, I want to write something here today, but I’m getting tired of just telling everyone what I’ve been eating.  Granted, living with Crohn’s seems to mean food can be an issue and you need to be careful, but I think there’s more to life, and my blog, than just food!  🙂

So….I’ll go here.

Last week I had a few melancholy days.  I’m not sure why those moments came.  I wasn’t thinking on food, or how life has changed so much now.  I might have been thinking of money…since it’s a bit tight right now.  But other times, I just got blue.  Not depressed…been there, done that, know what that feels like.  No, it was just…

I seem to recall other Crohnies on antidepressants (not any more for me…stopped cold turkey on those Feb. 2005), and it makes sense for me that those might be needed by people.  This disease can rob you of so much, that sometimes a “happy” pill is needed just to get through a day. 

I get it.

I’m not there right now, and I hope I don’t go back there.  I walked out of that pit.  No, not walked.  I crawled, inch by inch, minute by minute at some times.  I will never forget those days.  I never want to go back.

So, I take a deep breath, or two, or three.  I get back to the busyness of life.  And, I keep trusting that it’s all going to be okay.


There’s my “blah” day for you.

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Eating out

So, I was able to go out to dinner with my husband last night.  It was the first “real” time I”ve eaten out since this diagnosis came along.  I was a bit nervous, but thankfully the restaurant we went to was able to make things nice and bland for me.  🙂

I ordered a “side salmon,” which basically was a 4 oz. fillet with absolutely NO sauces or seasonings.  Yes, I can do garlic and onions and salt and pepper, but I figured I’d be safe and do that on my own.  I also had some steamed clams.  That was the test food last night.  I’ve not had clams yet, and I know on the Maker’s Diet any type of bottom fish is not allowed.  But, I feel that it’s okay to eat those type of fish on rare occasions.  We live in a modern world, not a Levitical world, and therefore I believe some liberties are in order!  The clams were served with a white-wine/butter sauce (which was soooooo good!).  I ate a handful and then, thankfully, had enough self-control to not eat any more.  But oh, I could have eaten the whole bunch!  Anyway….the clams, the salmon, and the steamed asparagus (sp? I don’t eat that often enough!) all did fine for my tummy.  I also took 3 enzymes with this dinner (normal for me is 1 at eat meal), so I’m thinking that might have helped?  I was just glad to be able to eat a “nice” dinner with my husband and some friends, and be successful in that.

New foods…hooray!!!  (Unless the tummy says no!)

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Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a true pizza in the form of Pizza Hut or the likes.  But still…I was able to eat pizza tonight and it was sooooooooo good!  The crust was a simple almond crust, and of course I only put on olives and tomatoes.  But for someone who has no virtually NO baked goods for over a month, this was heaven!

My only problem is that I need to take it a bit easier.  It was very simple to stick with the diet when it was a very strict elimination diet.  Now that I’ve started to add things though, I find it very hard to have much self-control.  Like this morning….I made these almond crisps.  Very good, and they only had honey, almonds, and butter in them.  But….I probably ate 6 today.  My stomach seems to be doing fine, but I don’t want to push it.  Sigh…I’ll have to put myself on something more strict tomorrow otherwise I might not get it back for a while!

On another note…..I called the clinic today and asked them if Magnesium can cause problems in Crohn’s patients.  The answer is that no, it won’t cause a flare-up, but it can cause gas and bloating.  GREAT!!!  So let me get this right…I’ll take a pill to help the constipation.  With that pill, I will get more gas, which causes more pain than the constipation in the first place.  On top of that…the only way I know right now if something doesn’t do well in my stomach is by the gas.  I don’t have cramping or pain like most Crohn’s patients, it’s only the gas that is symptomatic.  So…….if I am taking a pill that causes gas and at the same time am adding new foods that may cause gas……HOW AM I TO KNOW IF SOMETHING IS BAD FOR ME OR NOT???  Grrrrrrrrr……

Needless to say, I’ve stopped taking the magnesium.  The constipation is not bad, and I’d rather be able to add new foods and test them out instead of always worrying about the gas that the pill causes.

That’s it for now in my journey of Crohn’s.  I’m learning, and taking each step anew.  It’s a lifestyle that I am commited to.  🙂

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