A “Label”

03 Dec

I realized the other day that, after 35 years, I finally have a label!  Now, this really isn’t something to celebrate.  I’ve kinda liked my years of  blah and blending into society.  The only other “label” I MIGHT have carried is depression, but even that’s iffy as the doctors cannot fully discern depression and which meds will work for which people.  But alas, now I have a label for a disease that is readily recognized.  In fact, I live in a state (and this is really cool!) that, with a note from my doctor, my “label” allows me to use any bathroom in any public facility, whether they say “No Public Restrooms” or not!!!  I know I’ll be laughing all the way with that one.  Although, if my Crohn’s gets to the point of most people, I will truly appreciate that convenience and the freedom it will give me from wearing Depends or always carrying extra clothes with me. 

But…back to the label.

For me, it’s a good thing right now to carry this label.  It is forcing me to be diligent with my diet, and not cheat for even a second.  I’m feeling pretty good, and love the weight I’ve lost.  I know eventually I will shed the “label,” though the disease will still be here.  I simply don’t want to be only this “label.”  I want people to look at the whole me, and not just a part.

I feel I am much, much more than just a “label”!

What’s your label, and how can you be more than just that in your life?


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Posted by on December 3, 2009 in Crohn's Journal


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