Glorious Egg

04 Dec

So on Monday I started adding new things to my food.  Before that, since November 14th, I had been on chicken broth, yogurt, and keifer milk.  It was good, and satisfying, but I was ready to have something else!  Monday morning I fried an egg, in coconut oil, and it was the most glorious egg I have ever had!  The flavor was so rich and full.  I have never had an egg that tasted so good.  Yes, it might have been the fact that I was on such a restricted diet, but that egg….I will never forget.

I do think, however, that I deserve an “way to go” for this diet.  It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve had any coffee, sugar, or high starch foods.  I even survived Thanksgiving at my mother-in-laws house, which meant NO ham cooked the way that grandma did, NO “world-famous cheescake”, NO nadalines (a german sweet muffin…think butter, flour, sugar, and eggs…yes, it is that good!), and NO mashed potatoes or rolls.  Oh…my mouth waters just to think of it! 

But with this diagnosis of Crohn’s, I HAVE to pay attention to what I eat.  Yes, I want these things.  But if I wander from this, it will be hell to try and get it back, and I will not do that to myself or my family.  I am taking care of myself, in the only way that I know how.

Boy, I am sure glad God gave me a good dose of determination, otherwise I would not be able to do this!  While growing up it was called stubbornness, but now I just say, “Praise God!” for the strength he has given me.

And the egg?

It’s still glorious.  In fact, I’m going to make myself one tomorrow morning!

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Posted by on December 4, 2009 in Crohn's Journal


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