08 Dec

Today I had my first introduction to Naturopathy.  This is a new realm for me.  I was raised in a doctor’s family, where my dad was a DO and my brother is currently a Surgical Oncologist.  When something was wrong, we went to see my dad and it was just common practice to accept a pill to cure our ails.  Now, I will say this about DO’s like my dad:  A DO degree is one step beyond an MD, and with that degree, a DO strives to look beyond just the symptoms and see what underlying causes might be there as well.  My dad was also an “old-country” doc, who, to his dying day, still made housecalls.  I wish we could find doctors like that these days, but alas…I think it is a era gone by.

Anyway, back to today’s appointment.

This doctor has 26 years experience in Naturopathy (it even takes me a while to spell it because it is so new to me!), and got his undergrad degree in pre-med/microbiology.  Needless to say, he knows his stuff.  We spent the first 30-40 minutes talking about what’s going on in the digestive system, on a minute-detail level.  I learned a ton more about T1 and T2, probiotics, flora, bacteria, and bunches of other things.  My brain was on overdrive, but I loved knowing all these details.

What I didn’t like was having all my time taken up by details that I could find on the web, and not being given any chance to ask my questions and enter into a DIALOGUE with this doctor.  I thought I would have the opportunity to speak, back and forth, about my questions and concerns and know much more about how to go about treating this in a Natural way.

What I got was a bare-bones plan and more questions than answers.

A bit frustrating.  I feel I am not a slouch, and I do lots of research to prepare myself for things like these.  I usually go in with questions I want answers to.  And to not even be given the chance was disappointing. 

I will give grace though, because I like the approach of this clinic, and what this doctor was saying makes a ton of sense.  According to him, I have a pretty good shot and doing this Crohn’s thing without medicine.

I just hope next time I meet with him or any other doctor that I can have a conversation with them, and not be talked AT or DOWN TO.

I guess I’ll just keep hoping that someday I’ll meet my “pie-in-the-sky” doctor.


Sometimes I miss my dad…..

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Posted by on December 8, 2009 in Crohn's Journal, Doctor Journal


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