17 Dec

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a true pizza in the form of Pizza Hut or the likes.  But still…I was able to eat pizza tonight and it was sooooooooo good!  The crust was a simple almond crust, and of course I only put on olives and tomatoes.  But for someone who has no virtually NO baked goods for over a month, this was heaven!

My only problem is that I need to take it a bit easier.  It was very simple to stick with the diet when it was a very strict elimination diet.  Now that I’ve started to add things though, I find it very hard to have much self-control.  Like this morning….I made these almond crisps.  Very good, and they only had honey, almonds, and butter in them.  But….I probably ate 6 today.  My stomach seems to be doing fine, but I don’t want to push it.  Sigh…I’ll have to put myself on something more strict tomorrow otherwise I might not get it back for a while!

On another note…..I called the clinic today and asked them if Magnesium can cause problems in Crohn’s patients.  The answer is that no, it won’t cause a flare-up, but it can cause gas and bloating.  GREAT!!!  So let me get this right…I’ll take a pill to help the constipation.  With that pill, I will get more gas, which causes more pain than the constipation in the first place.  On top of that…the only way I know right now if something doesn’t do well in my stomach is by the gas.  I don’t have cramping or pain like most Crohn’s patients, it’s only the gas that is symptomatic.  So…….if I am taking a pill that causes gas and at the same time am adding new foods that may cause gas……HOW AM I TO KNOW IF SOMETHING IS BAD FOR ME OR NOT???  Grrrrrrrrr……

Needless to say, I’ve stopped taking the magnesium.  The constipation is not bad, and I’d rather be able to add new foods and test them out instead of always worrying about the gas that the pill causes.

That’s it for now in my journey of Crohn’s.  I’m learning, and taking each step anew.  It’s a lifestyle that I am commited to.  🙂

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Posted by on December 17, 2009 in Crohn's Journal


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