Eating out

19 Dec

So, I was able to go out to dinner with my husband last night.  It was the first “real” time I”ve eaten out since this diagnosis came along.  I was a bit nervous, but thankfully the restaurant we went to was able to make things nice and bland for me.  🙂

I ordered a “side salmon,” which basically was a 4 oz. fillet with absolutely NO sauces or seasonings.  Yes, I can do garlic and onions and salt and pepper, but I figured I’d be safe and do that on my own.  I also had some steamed clams.  That was the test food last night.  I’ve not had clams yet, and I know on the Maker’s Diet any type of bottom fish is not allowed.  But, I feel that it’s okay to eat those type of fish on rare occasions.  We live in a modern world, not a Levitical world, and therefore I believe some liberties are in order!  The clams were served with a white-wine/butter sauce (which was soooooo good!).  I ate a handful and then, thankfully, had enough self-control to not eat any more.  But oh, I could have eaten the whole bunch!  Anyway….the clams, the salmon, and the steamed asparagus (sp? I don’t eat that often enough!) all did fine for my tummy.  I also took 3 enzymes with this dinner (normal for me is 1 at eat meal), so I’m thinking that might have helped?  I was just glad to be able to eat a “nice” dinner with my husband and some friends, and be successful in that.

New foods…hooray!!!  (Unless the tummy says no!)

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