Ah poop….

01 Jan

Okay, here goes the honesty.  I am very fortunate, from what I’ve read, that I do not have diarrhea like most Crohn’s people.  I can’t even imagine having 20+ poops a day, and never knowing when you might need the bathroom or have an accident.  In this, I feel VERY fortunate.

My problem, from about the middle of October to the middle of December, was constipation.  It wasn’t too bad either, but I’d go poop about once every 3 days.  It got so predictable that I could tell my husband and best friend, “Yep, tomorrow’s my poop day!”  I even had to do a stool sample at one point in time, and take this tiny, flimsy, plastic spoon and take samples.  Do you know how hard that is when your poop is like hard glue?  Oh my gosh!!!

Anyway, where I was going with this is that for the past two weeks I have pooped once a day, and usually formed (not constipated or diarrhea).  This is wonderful for me!  I totally attribute this to my diet.  I have cut out all the crappy foods and processed foods.  I think my body went through some detox, and now it is at a stable stage.  I truly think eating a low residue diet that my body can digest well has made all the difference in the world.

I hope it continues, and I PRAY that it doesn’t go the other way!!!

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Posted by on January 1, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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