When it rains….

20 Jan

Today is my birthday.  Earlier, I said to myself, “what a crappy Birthday.”  Just honesty here.  It’s kinda not been the best today.  Want my list?

Crohn’s:  means I can’t go out to a nice dinner, have a glass of wine, and eat chocolate cake.  I could have chicken, or fish.  Exciting…..

Car:  wouldn’t start this morning.  Took it to the shop.  $1200 and we’ll have it back by noon tomorrow.

Kids:  son can’t hear.  Too much fluid in his ears.  Needs either A) drugs, or B) tubes again.  Cost involved….2K if it’s the tubes.  $100 for the drugs.  But, do I want to flood my sons system with drugs again?  I hear the UK doesn’t treat ear infections with antibiotics anymore.

Money is just kinda tight.  To have to deal with all these things, on my birthday, just really stunk.  I wanted some time today.  I had my schedule and what I was going to do for myself.  I ended up crying.  I ended up telling God my sorrows.  I want it to not be my birthday.  I want the Crohn’s to go away so I can enjoy dinner.


Want my other list?

Crohn’s:  I’m learning how to eat VERY good.  It will translate to better eating for my family.

Car:  My car will have had a good check-up, and should be fine for years to come.

Kids:  My son is wonderful and bright.  Even though he can’t hear you, he is able to stay on track in school through visual cues.  Tonight he played his piano song upside-down and memorized.  I’m calling him “My Little Mozart” now.

Life:  I still have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, and family and friends who love me very much.

God:  I still have a God who has never left my side.

I will be okay.

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Posted by on January 20, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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