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21 Jan

Today I found myself trying out my new juicer that my husband got me for my birthday.  Actually, it not only makes juice, it can “chop, shred, slice, dice, mix, and make your meal preparation easier than you can imagine!”  (Hahaha…read that last line as if it was some guy on an infomercial!). 

Anyway, it is a pretty cool appliance.  To try out the juicer, I made a juice of apples, carrots, celery, beets, and a titch of ginger.  Overall, the juice was really good!  I want it a bit colder when I drink it, so in the future I’ll either chill the juice or just add ice cubes.

So as I was drinking the juice I wanted to learn about the foods that I just put into it.  I searched the Westin A. Price website (I know that he was one of the first pioneers into and a promoter of a more “primitive” diet).  I also looked up Sallon Fallon and Mary Enig (also two very highly regarded people in this area).  I found some things from them, but was losing patience.  Sometimes I have a lot of time and energy to devote to “googling” around the web.  But today I wanted my answers right away!

So I googled the individual foods, and besides Wikipedia, I kept being sent to this website:

Here’s why I like this site:

When you search for and find a food, it is talked about in a very organized fashion with good titles to the different sections.  It tells the benefits, vitamins and minerals, and all sorts of other things about this food but without overwhelming you with needless facts.

When I am adding a new food into my diet, I want to learn what the benefits or potential risks might be associated with it.  For instance, through this website I learned that beets can be good for reducing inflammation.  I found that ginger can too.  So my juice today and two inflammation-reducers in it.

Still, this website doesn’t contain ALL the information I would want to know.  In looking up beets on Wikipedia, I found that some ancient civilizations would use beets to treat constipation.  Now, that’s a good thing for me right now since I do tend towards that direction.  But if someone does not have that problem or is a “normal” Crohnie with diarrhea, adding lots of beets might not be the best idea.

Anyway, it was a great website and likely one I will come back to over and over again!

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