24 Jan

Not much else to say today.  We are in the house just chillin’ and watching movies.  I am making myself SCD brownies though.  🙂  I think I deserve them.  I decided to go with them instead of the cookies even though I so far seem to be able to handle the nut flour in the cookies.  The brownies though just have the peanut butter and honey and egg, so I KNOW I can enjoy it!

It was pretty pathetic earlier this week though.  My good friend and I went to lunch together.  Normally, we would share a yummy plate of food.  But now, I can’t do that!  She looked at her prime-rib dip and steak fries, looked at my scrambled eggs, and said, “It just doesn’t seem right!” 

Ah well.  Such is life with Crohn’s.  I’m glad I can eat what I can eat, and am losing the weight I am (30 pounds so far!).  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more profound to say. 



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Posted by on January 24, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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