27 Jan

Today and last night I have had what I call “shooters.”  They don’t happen very often.  I had only two last night, and maybe 6-8 today, mostly in the morning.  On average, they might come one an hour, or two an hour and then nothing.  Basically, it’s like someone has slapped you on the face real hard, real quick, and then the pain is gone.  It lasts less than a second, but is VERY sharp.  Not enough to double me over, simply for the fact that it doesn’t last long enough for that.  But they are still sharp enough to make me take notice.  They are on the right side, mid-belly, and not what I would call lower right quadrant pain, which happens almost at the hip-joint.

These shooters are not very comfortable.  I can be dozing off, and one hits, and it instantly shakes me awake.  The eye-opener for me though was this:

If this is what “normal” Crohn’s pain feels like, I have no idea how people cope with it day in and day out.  If this pain lasted more than a minute, I think I would be crying on the floor in a huddled mess.  I have no idea what caused this, and have no idea how to stop it.  Thankfully, it has calmed down this afternoon and evening.  I hope it doesn’t come back tomorrow.  I’ve also not eaten a lot of varied food.  Broth is coming up when I finish this.

Seeing that I’m only 36, I wonder if at some point in my life with Crohn’s, will I be incapacitated with this type of pain that lasts not for a second, but for a day, or a week, or a month? 

I can’t even imagine it lasting more than 5 minutes, it was so intense.


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Posted by on January 27, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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