28 Jan

Okay, I choked it down, but this was gross.  Today I started the supplements that N2 gave me (he’s the one with Crohn’s).  Some of the pills were horse pills, but I was able to get them down.  What got me was all the powder stuff I had to mix in liquid and drink.  I’ve been doing the Intestinal Repair Complex, and that’s been fine.  But in addition to that I had to add a HUGE scoop of this stuff called Inflamax (it’s got stuff in it to help the gut heal, plus gives me tons of nutrients), and a probiotic.  To make matters worse, I had a wonderful blond moment and thought, “I’ll just make some fresh juice with my new juicer and add ALL this stuff to it.  It will be great!” 


The Inflamax was very gritty, and was a “spice” flavor, which did nothing for me.  I can stomach a lot.  I even got through 2/3 of the Golytle colonoscopy prep with NO TROUBLE!  To me, it’s really just mind over matter.  Tell yourself it will taste good, and you don’t have a problem.  Convince yourself it is going to be gross before you’ve even tasted it, and you will have problems.  Simple.

But the gritty consistency was almost sickening, and that’s what got me.  I’m not sure if I didn’t mix it good enough, or it was the fresh juice, or what.  I did manage to choke down about 10 oz of the 12 that I made, but that was it.  No more.  I just couldn’t get past the “sediment” feeling as it went down my throat.

And guess what?

I get to try it again tonight!

Hooray……. 😦

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Posted by on January 28, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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