Enteral Nutrition, Intro

30 Jan

So my latest research topic is on Enteral Nutrition.  I started down this path because of a friend who has experience with it.  I’m reading Margaret Oppenheimer’s book “Beat Crohn’s: Getting Remission with Enteral Nutrition” in order to learn more.

First though, let me say that I have not stopped my current diet.  I am still doing a modified SCD diet, which in reality is an elimination diet.  I’ve taken out all of the stuff that COULD pose problems for me, and am slowly adding things in to see what they do.  I’ve had great success with this diet, and plan on continuing it for a long time.

Back to the enteral nutrition…..

As best as I can tell (and I’ve just barely started reading the book), enteral nutrition is a liquid diet that you go on for a period of time, depending on severity of symptoms, and supposedly has the chance of bringing you into remission. 

Without knowing anything yet, it still makes some sense to me, simply because if you are on a liquid diet, your body is not having to work hard to digest your food.  Instead, your system can rest, and focus on recovery.  Makes sense, right?

I’m a titch skeptical, to start, that this diet can bring on remission, though I do believe in the idea of a liquid diet to help with Crohn’s.  I am a skeptic by nature, and always want to check things out thoroughly before incorporating them into my life.  🙂

I do feel that a liquid diet could help me in the future, especially when in a flare.  During a flare if you can give your system a rest, it might subside and heal faster and easier.  Also, if it can give me a good amount of nutrition and know that it won’t upset my stomach, I’m all for that.  That’s just my thinking, though!

As I continue to read this book I’ll let you know what I find, and if I decide to incorporate it into my diet or not.  The idea intrigues me, so I am looking forward to learning more!

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