Enteral Nutrition, Part 1

01 Feb

So what I’ve learned so far is that there are two ways you can do enteral nutrition: as total enteral nutrition and as supplemental enteral nutrition.  This part is pretty easy:  total enteral nutrition is where you do not eat any food except the liquid formula for a time.  Supplemental enteral nutrition is where you eat a normal diet, but you use the liquid diet to give you some of your daily calories.  From what I can tell, the claims are that the total enteral nutrition diet can bring on remission, and the supplemental can possibly keep you in remission.

I was impressed in the amount of studies and citations that Margaret has in her book.  Though many of the studies seem, to me, to be made up of small numbers, it still gives some credence to what is being discussed.  If nothing else, it shows that the author has put a lot of thought into accumulating as many resources for this topic as is seemingly possible.  

I haven’t yet gotten to the chapter saying what exactly it is that you drink, and where you find it.  I understand that there are a few different types of formulas as well.  I’ll get there in a few days, and I’ll let you know what I find!

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