Enteral Nutrition, Part 3

08 Feb

So if you look on the comments on Part 2, you will see the author of the book “Beat Crohn’s: Getting to Remission with Enteral Nutrition” respond to my remarks on Crohn’s Colitis (Crohn’s in the large intestine only).  I’m really glad she posted, as is gives us some hope!  She cites a study done this summer where kids treated with EN (enteral nutrition) and who have Crohn’s Colitis had a very good remission rate.  Hooray! 

I’m wrapping up EN, for now, in this post.  I’m not done researching, but for now I need to let it rest.  I learned a ton from Margaret’s book, and I would HIGHLY suggest that if anyone is interested in learning more, to buy her book.  You can also find her at www. . 

My conclusion on EN is this:  I think it makes sense, and I would love to try it.  I’m sure I eventually will, when I find a good formula for a reasonable price.  I looked at Ensure (which I belive is one of the cheaper options) at the store today, and I’m just not comfortable with putting some of those ingredients into my system.  I know there has got to be a better formula out there, but cost is a problem.  For instance, I saw one yesterday called Absorb Plus, which seemed like a really good product.  But the expense was close to $60 for one tub, which only had 10 servings in it.  Yikes!  I can’t imagine who could do that product full-time and not go bankrupt.   

So yes, my main drawback right now is cost.  I hope to find a cheaper product so I can supplement my SCD eating.  If I find something like that, I’ll post again on EN.  In the meantime, do some more research for yourself, and see what you find.  Post a comment if you find something interesting!  Let’s share information so we can all learn and grow.

Signing off for now……

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One response to “Enteral Nutrition, Part 3

  1. Margaret

    February 10, 2010 at 2:52 am

    Cost is definitely an issue with enteral nutrition! I hear you on that one. A caution about Absorb Plus: it’s OK to use as a supplement, but I would not recommend it for exclusive use for those planning to try a full enteral nutrition regimen because it does not contain on iron, a very important mineral for those with IBD. It also does not contain fat, which is essential in the human diet , so you would have to add fat to it. (The manufacturer probably decided not to include fat because if you do, you must include preservatives to prevent spoilage.)

    May I make a comment about carbohydrates, because this tends to be a very confusing issue? From the point of view of the carbs they contain, which I’m guessing would be the main concern for SCDers, Ensure and Absorb Plus are nearly identical. The carbohydrates in Absorb Plus are maltodextrin and fructose. Fructose is a simple sugar, which is often used to make things taste good because it is sweeter than glucose or sucrose. Maltodextrin is also a sweetener. It is made by breaking down a starch (virtually always corn starch in the US) into maltose (a sugar made up of two glucose molecules) and dextrin (a longer chain of glucose molecules). So in the end, the carbohydrates your body is absorbing are glucose and fructose.

    By way of comparison, the carbohydrates in the vanilla flavor of Ensure are maltodextrin (as in Absorb Plus) and sucrose. Sucrose is a sugar made up of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. So again, the carbohydrates your body ends up with are glucose and fructose. Both carbohydrates provide energy the body needs to function and are perfectly healthy to eat. The human digestive tract can’t absorb any carbohydrates except simple sugars, so even if we eat more complex carbohydrates it breaks them down into sugar anyway.

    I hope this helps a bit and makes the ingredients in meal-replacement products a little more understandable. Thanks so much for your comments about my book.




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