10 Feb

Well, I knew it couldn’t last.  I knew the IV infusion wasn’t going to give me energy for 2 weeks, until the next one.  Now some of this might be from the weather changing and me being stuffy.  But man oh man… eyes have yet to wake up today!  It’s almost like a coffee or sugar crash.  When you come down, you truly come down!  On top of that I’ve been fighting a pretty good headache since last night.  It’s tapered off today, but is still there, lingering in my head.  Makes it hard to think and move when your body is slow and your head is hurting.

I will say though that it was worth it to do the IV.  Yes, I’m tired today.  Back to normal, I guess you would say.  But the energy and life I felt for those 24 hours made me realize that yes, I do have a chance at being normal again.  I do have the chance of going through life not as a zombie, but as myself.  And I must say, I like me.  🙂

In the meantime, today has been hard simply because I’ve had to force myself to get things done.  My energy is just not there.  Maybe I’ll be lame tonight and go to bed at 8:00.  I don’t think that would be a bad idea…..

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Posted by on February 10, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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