Road trip

11 Feb

Well, tomorrow I’m going on my first “real” trip since being diagnosed in November with Crohn’s (Thanksgiving didn’t really count for me since I was still in the early stages and eating almost NOTHING!).  The drive will only be 4 hours, so I should be good.  I shouldn’t need to eat anything along the way, and there are plenty of places for pit stops!

My mom is very good and has already bought food that I can prepare and eat while I’m there.  I’m not really worried about that. 

The stress of the trip could get to me, though.  Driving with two kids for 8 hours total, and then not being in my home environement….sheesh, that could be trouble.  The biggest worry actually is getting constipated, which I tend towards anyway and gets worse when I travel.  Then comes the really uncomfortable gas, made even worse now with the Crohn’s.  We usually go out and do things while I’m there, so I’m truly hoping everything will be okay.  I’m also praying that my energy level will be up so I don’t get over exhausted.

Thus said, I likely won’t be posting anything over the weekend.  I get back on Monday, so I will try to post how the trip went then, or Tuesday at the latest.

Have a great weekend!

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Posted by on February 11, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


One response to “Road trip

  1. ruth e in Payette

    February 14, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Hi, Pam, Just caught up on your blog – I’m astounded at all that has happened in this last week or so. Keep a detailed log on how the infusion affects you. Hope you have a really good trip, just remember that when you need to rest, go ahead and take a break, give yourself a chance to recharge. We are sending prayers and love to you.


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