Lost in thought

16 Feb

Well, I’m back!  And I must say, this road trip was a very nice one.  Yes, there is the stress of driving with two small kids, and the lack of sleep that comes for me when I’m not in my own bed.  But we had a great time with grandma, and overall it was a peaceful trip.

In terms of my Crohn’s, it was pretty uneventful, which was awesome!  I was able to cook food that I knew I could eat at the house, and so there were not any problems there.  I did have more gas gurgles going on than before the trip, but I’m thinking this is what I should expect when I travel.  It also could have been due to the Almond Crisps that I made on Saturday because I just NEEDED to have a treat after watching cupcakes and snowmen being made.  🙂

We ate out twice.  Once was in an “old-timers” restaurant (you know the type…all the old-timers in town go there!).  They couldn’t modify anything for me there, so I just had two scrambled eggs.  I think my mom was a bit sad though.  She likes to treat us with meals out!  The eggs were fine, and my stomach handled them with ease. 

The second place was Olive Garden.  Yes, Olive Garden.  And it worked wonderful!  I asked the waiter for a plate of shrimp and vegetables cooked with garlic in olive oil, and that’s exactly what I got.  It filled me up, and I didn’t have to touch the yummy breadsticks or the salad at the table.  Best of all, my stomach had NO reaction to that food in the 4.5 hours following lunch that I was stuck in a car.  It was great also to hear the rest of my family say, “Wow!  That looks great!” when my plate of food arrived.  🙂

Overall, I am very pleased with how I was able to handle this trip.  I did have pretty good tiredness on more than one occasion, but each time I was able to lay on the couch and rest.  Coming home today was probably the toughest part.  I was still two hours from home when my eyes started to droop.  I didn’t want to stop (yes, I’m stubborn sometimes), but also wasn’t sure HOW I could stop with two little kids.  So, I just shook my head back and forth often, and slapped my cheeks lightly, and kept drinking water.  After about an hour I woke up a bit….enough to get me home at least.

For tonight, it’s only 8:30pm and I’m exhausted.  I wish I could sleep in in the morning, but I won’t be able to.  The kiddos have to get to school, and I’m helping in the younger kids’ class tomorrow, so I will have to be up and looking put-together.  Ah well, I know at least on Wednesday I’ll be able to have some rest.  Hopefully a nap.  Yes, a nap would be nice….


‘nite all.

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