19 Feb

Well, tonight I had my first test at a restaurant with food that I knew I was not eating.  It is our 16th wedding annivesary, so we took the kiddos to IHOP for dinner as a special treat for them.  (Side note- did you know they add pancake batter to their omlets?  Neither did I, until I read the print.) 

Usually, I can order eggs or an omlet when eating out and be fine.  Since the omlets were out, I looked over the rest of the menu to see what might work.  I’m learning that most of the fare served in US restaurants includes some overloaded starchy side, of which I WILL NOT eat, and sometimes questionable veggies.  IHOP was no different.

SO….tonight my only option was to ask for my standard when I don’t think I can eat anything else….scrambled eggs.  This time, I asked for a few tomatoes to be thrown in, and some cheddar cheese to be sprinkled on top.  Sounds good, yes?  When the eggs came, I saw the cheese, and knew in an instant that it was some pre-processed package stuff that was probably MOSTLY real, but I had no idea what else might be in there.  Let’s just say that I knew it was NOT all original!  🙂  But, the food was there, and my 3-month mark on the SCD had passed, so I decided it was time to jump in and take a chance.

I have to start figuring out how to eat sometime! 

The results?  Well, it’s been over two hours, and so far there is no gas or discomfort.  Hooray!!!  Typically, if I have a reaction, it occurs within the first hour, if not sooner.  So, I’m glad to say that so far the eggs and quasi-cheese are doing okay on my system.  I hope it continues to do well through the night.  I’ll know for sure in the morning with my poop (gotta be real here!).  If my system doesn’t like it, it will be closer to diareahha.  If not, formed.  Yippeee!!!!!

And since I’m doing so good, I’m going to go get a small glass of wine, sit back and relax, and watch Survivor. 


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Posted by on February 19, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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