Bunko and Brownies

21 Feb

Tonight we had another “Girls Bunko Night” and it was a blast!  We dressed in jammies, and just had to take it to the nines.  🙂  We had leopard print tops with curlers in our hair and mud masks on.  It was great!  Besides the fun and games, I won $30 for most wins!  Hooray!

As always, there were a lot of good foods there tonight.  I did try the chicken wings, even though they were from Costco and had lots of illegal ingredients in them.  They were good, and made me feel like I could enjoy something.  So far my system seems to be handling them well. 

I made and took brownies tonight.  I don’t know what I do besides follow the directions on the box, but everyone always seems to love my brownies.  It’s what I’m known for….in a way.  It’s also one of my favorite treats, in the past.  Tonight the brownies smelled so good.  They looked like they had the perfect consistency for me…..crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I smelled them all night long.  I craved them all night long.  I looked longingly at them all night long.

And then I had to bring some home.   

Sometimes, this is pure torture.  To have a chocolate fanatic like me not be able to eat her favorite treat.  To want just one little taste, and to not take it.  To see the looks of pure delight on the other people’s faces when they ate a bite.  Torture, just torture. 

I know, I know.  Eventually I’ll maybe be able to have a small bite.  It might not be forever. 

But 3 months without any sweet treat like that?

Come on!


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Posted by on February 21, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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