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Lots of gas

Well, we made it!  The 8-hour car ride was really fine.  I took some salmon patties I made the day before, quick crackers (from, and some Lara Bars.  I was able to satisfy my hunger without compromising my diet.  Hooray!!!

Yesterday was our first day here.  For some reason, I had a ton of gas all through the day.  Not sure if my system just needed to poop a lot, or what.  sometimes that happens if I get stopped up.  But, I didn’t really like feeling all that gas.  I ate things that were legal, so I can’t really pinpoint what went wrong.  It could have been just “one of those days!”

I do have a big o’l pot of soup here, as well as my homemade yogurt and Lara Bars.  We cooked up some crappie last night in butter, garlic, and lemons.  It was very good!  I kept it simple for myself, which I know I need to do anyway.  I’ll eat more of the soup today.  It’s really yummy, and good for me too!

I do hope it warms up a bit.  25 degrees is colder than we are used to!  But it’s still cool.  Just getting out of the city and into a slower pace of life is so refreshing.

Gotta run.  I’ll try to catch up again later!

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Spring Break is here!  That means we will be traveling soon.  I’m not sure how long we’ll be gone, or if I’ll have a computer to post updates.  I’ll try to write when I can about how things are going on vacation.  As anyone knows who deals with Crohn’s, it was be a challenge to travel!  If you don’t see any posts for a while, don’t get discouraged!  I’ll catch up as soon as I can (probably just over a week or so from now).

I feel pretty good about this trip.  I know I’ll have soup, and I made a big bowl of yogurt to take with me.  I also have Lara Bars and nut flour all ready to go.  If all else fails, I can always eat lots of yogurt and soup!  It’s an 8-hour drive, so to prepare for that I made salmon last night, and took the leftovers and made them into salmon patties.  That will be a great snack on the way for me. 

Other than that, I hope to have a good, relaxing time.  I’ll let you know how it went when I get back!


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IV #4

On Monday I had my fourth out of eight initial IV sessions. I was glad to get the girl doc back to give me this one, though even she had trouble finding my veins.  🙂  She just seems more present than the boy doc, and I like feeling like I’m not on my own with this whole thing!  We’ve figured out that my veins won’t pop unless I’m warm (which happened last time as well), so we just put a heat pad on my hand/arm as soon as I come in.  Makes life a whole lot easier!

The rest of Monday, after the IV, was a busy day, and I’m glad to report I was able to get through it just fine! 

On Tuesday I was able to function just fine throughout the day.  Physically, I felt good.  But I was emotionally drained because of some tough stuff I was working on inside.  The day was pretty hard for me because of that.  Even though my body was doing fine, I was exhausted emotionally which made the day not as easy as it could have been.  I don’t think there would have been anything to stop my body from feeling exhausted when my mind and heart was where it was.

Wednesday I felt pretty tired.  I didn’t do a whole lot.  I also had a headache most of the day.  Oh yes!  The kids are out of school early all this week, which doesn’t give me as much time to rest.

Overall I’m pleased with the IV’s.  I think they make a difference.  I hope next time I won’t have much emotionally going on, so I can just let the IV stuff do it’s work without interference.  I hope……

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Weight loss

Well, it looks like my weight loss has slowed. I’ve been on the SCD for 4 months now, since Nov. 2009.  The past two weeks I’ve only lost 1.5 pounds.  There were some weeks where I lost 3 pounds, and most weeks I was losing 2.  So far I’ve lost 43 pounds, or 21% of my body weight.  I’m glad though.  I was that much overweight, so I did need to lose the weight.  I love how I look now!  And I feel so much better……

We’ll see how the next couple of weeks go.  If I still stay around my current weight, I will just know that in order to lose 10 more pounds (to put me at the truly healthy range, IMHO) I’ll need to slowly work it off.

But I’m okay with that!!! 

I’m just psyched that, after 3 years of trying everything I could to lose the weight, it finally came off with the most simple diets of all:  cutting out all of the crap and processed foods.

Of course, having a disease that doesn’t let your body absorb all of the nutrients it needs on a day-to-day basis doesn’t hurt the cause any!  Maybe that means my body is starting to absorb more of what I’m putting in?

Now THAT would be cool!!!  🙂

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Chicken Coop!

Sorry that I haven’t written this weekend.  I have been putting the finishing touches on my chicken coop!  Yes, I’m going to get chickens.  I bought a cute little A-frame, and decided to raise it off the ground in order to give more “range” space for the chickens.  We finally got it done tonight!  I am excited to get some chickens in there, and eventually, some eggs.

Hopefully I can get a picture on here pretty soon.

For now?

I’ve ignored the house for two days, will have to ignore it tomorrow due to school and doctor schedules, so I must go get some semblance of oder back. 


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I love my Ninja!!! 

No, I didn’t marry someone who is this Bruce Lee of the modern world.

It’s actually a kitchen appliance.

My Magic Bullet broke, and since then I had been looking for a replacement, but something that could do MORE!  I thought I had it, twice.  But alas, these appliances just didn’t do what I wanted.  I finally heard about the Ninja.  Being the thoughtful person I am, I researched it online.  Sure, the infomercials make it sound like it can do everything and more, but I am a skeptic by nature, so wasn’t totally taken in by them.  I decided to use my birthday money to buy a Ninja from a local store, knowing that, if it didn’t pan out, I could always return it and get something else.  😉

Well…..let me tell you something.  This thing is amazing!!!

In my blender, if I put frozen strawberries and yogurt in to make a smoothie, I have to stop often to stir with a knife.  Not with the Ninja!  It doesn’t matter that there is not much liquid in there….it just whirls around and chops and blends that stuff like nobody’s business!!!  In just a few short seconds I go from frozen un-mixed food to a perfectly created smoothie.  Awesome!

It is also great though for chopping or dicing foods.  I make Brasco Broth probably once a week.  In this broth I have onions, celery, carrots, zucchini, garlic, and ginger, all of which need to be diced up pretty small.  Previously it would take me an hour to make this soup, chopping and dicing by hand.  Not anymore!  Now, I just prep these foods, leave them in large chunks, throw them in the Ninja, and viola!!!  Instant diced veggies perfect for my soup.  My prep time has gone from one hour to 15 minutes, tops.

I’ve also mixed SCD legal bread batter in my Ninja, whipped eggs for crepes, combined salmon and other things to make perfect salmon patties, and mixed and chopped to my hearts content. 

Oh, and something very cool for this summer?  It can take ice and SHAVE it so fine it is like snow.  Perfect for my kiddos on those hot summer days that will come!

I just love my Ninja.  I dont’ know what I ever did in my kitchen without it.  😉

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Another one

Oh, but I’m tired tonight.

WAIT….that sounds like a few of my other posts.  LOL!!!  I guess that’s life for me, for right now.

Again, I think I just pushed myself.  The weather is getting sunny, and I’m getting excited for projects outside.  I’m trying to triple my garden, which is just in containers, but that means I need to make a few more garden boxes.  I got the lumber and worked about an hour on construction yesterday.  I did about another 2 hours today to get them done.  I’m stubborn like that…..once I start something I want to finish it and not put it off another day!  Generally, in the past, I can just gut my way through tiredness.  I did that today, though I wasn’t my normal, cheery self!  I guess I’m learning that yes, I can usually gut my way through and most people will never realize how tired I actually was.  But, I just have to realize how I will pay for it the next couple of days.  I’m glad I have two days now that I can just rest. 

I felt my side acting up while working today too.  Not sure if it was just the activity, and the ways I had to twist my body to get enough leverage to work the drill, or if it was the stress of getting the project done before the wind knocked me over and the rain started coming in sheets.  Either way, I felt it a bit while working.

Seems to be doing okay tonight.  It’s not even 8 o’clock, and I could for sure go to bed right now!  But…….NCIS is on, and that’s one of my favorite shows.  Guess I’ll go make some tea, relax, and try to stay awake.  Maybe a Valerian would be good tonight, just to relax even more and make sure I get the most out of my sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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