Be still my heart!!!

04 Mar

Oh, by still my heart!  I went to the website I mentioned in my last post, and printed off a ton of recipes that I’d like to try.  The first one?  A fluffy sandwich bread. 



Oh, be still my heart!!!  Could it really work?  Can I make something that resembles bread, and give me that warm comfort I so desperately want right now?


I walked around the house in a state of happy delirium.  I stood over the electric griddle with, I’m sure, a little drool coming down my lips as I watched the bread brown.  Oh, it smells so good!!!  I can actually have peanut butter and jelly.  Or tuna sandwiches.  Or use it for pancakes even.  Or, or, or, or……oh my heart is happy!!!

Mmmmm….i’m eating a piece right now, with just butter on it.  It tastes soooooo good.  After 4 months without bread, I can hardly believe I’m eating something that tastes just as good.  Oh my…..words cannot express the pure joy in my heart right now.

I better go eat before it gets cold.


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Posted by on March 4, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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