Doctors, Part 5

10 Mar

So yesterday I had a check up with my Naturopath.  Things seem to going pretty well.  We spent some time evaluating my energy level, since that is an indicator of how my body is doing.  I realized a few things:

The first thing I realized is how truly tired I was this past summer.  I knew at the time that I just couldn’t muster any energy to do anything.  I would take the kids to swim lessons for an hour and a half each day, do some school work while there, and then when I’d come home I was so exhausted I couldn’t do anything else.  I feel that the summer was mostly wasted, simply because I couldn’t get the energy to do anything.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being my normal energy, I would say I was at a 3 most of the summer.  Wow!

I also realized that, once the kids got to school, I regained a bit of energy.  Having the house to myself helped a ton in that I could just rest when I needed to.  Still, I would put my energy level for those first 6 months at about a 5, at the most.  Those were the nights that I could easily have gone to sleep at 7:00, slept until 6 the next day, and still been tired.  I plodded through the days just doing what I could to keep the house running, but not having the energy for anything else.  It was during this time that I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, and some of the pieces started to fall into place.

Now, this past week or so, I’ve realized my energy is up to about a 6, or 60% of what is normal for me.  This is huge, seeing where I came from last summer.  Right now, during this time, I do still feel tired.  There are days that I drop back to a 5 or a 4, but most days I’m at a 6.  That means I can stay up until 9, usually, and feel okay.  I dont’ have to take a nap during the day.  And I can interact more fully with my kids.  I can take this level of energy, because it’s getting closer to what I’m used to.

The doc yesterday said he wants to get me at about 75-80% and keep me there.  I’m cool with that!  The way we’ll do that is by working on the thyroid a little bit, for one.  He said that even though my levels are not that low (I think I’m getting this right), because of the inflammation attacking me, my thyroid is still not functioning as it should.  Also the low hormone levels could contribute to this, as well as the biggest factor….the malabsorption.  When your body cannot absorb the nutrients you put in it, you are simply not going to get as much as you need in order to function as you should be able to.  The IV’s that I’m taking will help with this area, since it’s injecting these things straight into my bloodstream.

Overall, I like where we are going.  I don’t get the sense that this doc is just prescribing supplement upon supplement in order to make money.  For one, he doesn’t have his own line of supplements that he’s pushing on me.  He has a wide variety of companies that he uses, all of which he has researched and believes they are the best for his clients.  Second, I’ve check the prices that he charges for the supplements versus what I can buy them for online.  In general, his prices are right in line, so he’s not charging an arm and a leg more and making a ton of money that way.   And third is the fact that we have a time-frame when we will check on my progress, and decrease the various supplements as needed, which tells me I won’t always be on this many things.

I’m very satisfied with this doctor.  I feel confidence in him, and trust him.  I can’t predict the future, and know how this will all turn out for me.  But I like how I am able to take control of my health and body, and have a say in what happens.  I’ll go down this path and see where it leads me.  I’m hopeful that it will lead to a good place.

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