Slow down

10 Mar

It’s so hard to slow down on introducing new foods when I seem to be doing so well.  I read about other Crohnies who wait a year or more on the SCD to introduce things like eggs, uncooked fruits and veggies, and even yogurt.  I can’t even fathom that.  I guess I have been blessed that my Crohn’s is mild enough that I can eat fresh fruit and veggies and not have to worry about always cooking them.  The other night I went to a girls night at the church, and ate some raw carrots, tomatoes, and apples.  From what I’ve read, this is pretty amazing.  Wow, is what I say.

Still, I have to slow down.  This past week I’ve made Caramel Candy with pecans and peanuts, Quick Crackers (made with almonds and cheddar cheese), and Asian Chicken Wraps with peanut sauce, lettuce leaves, and broccoli.  I thought I was doing okay, until yesterday morning.  My stomach just didn’t feel good.  I wasn’t gassy, and I wasn’t in a lot of pain, but still, it just didn’t feel right.  I felt like I needed to be on the toilet, but not for diarrhea or anything.  It lasted most of the morning, and then was gone.  I still had a minor lingering pain in the right side for most of the day, through the night, and I can still feel it this morning. 

This morning my stomach also just didn’t feel right.  It is such a new and weird sensation for me, that it’s hard to describe.  Almost like I’m going to be sick, or have to go to the bathroom, but without much pain or gas.  Just the overall sense that something is not right.

I think I’ve got some inflammation going on…..maybe a minor flare-up?  That’s my guess, at least.  I can feel it in my right side, and that’s not normal. 

My guess is that I added too many nuts too close together, and possibly the lettuce did something as well.  I also need to think that it could be the goat’s milk yogurt.  Either way, I added too many things too fast to my diet, and I need to put a halt on it until this gets under control.  It’s so hard though to tell yourself to slow down when you feel you are finally able to introduce new foods, yet it truly is too soon.

Thankfully, I have a bunch of my chicken broth, so I’ll eat that for a day or two until things calm down.  Now I just need to find my self-control again…………

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Posted by on March 10, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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