IV #3

12 Mar

Well, two days ago I received my third IV injection.  This one was kinda interesting.  I knew I would be pushed for time to get the whole thing in me, but I usually can get done in 45 minutes.  However, for some reason it really slowed down, and I find myself needing to go with almost 1/3 of the bag still left to drip.  Thankfully the doc adjusted something (or should I say finally!), and we got another 200ml in me before I had to go.  Not all of it, but enough, I think.  I don’t think that really should make any difference though, right?

That afternoon I had a TON of stuff to do.  We had piano lessons, dinner, and a science fair.  On a normal day, this would have really stretched my energy to do all of these things and not just want to crash at the end of the day.  Don’t get me wrong….I was tired.  But I was able to get through and do all of these things without feeling like it was forced.  I could just……do them.  And at the end of the night I had time to just sit and breathe before going to bed.  Pretty cool.

The next day after the IV I was pretty worn down.  It was hard to get out of bed, and I just didn’t want to do much that day.  Towards afternoon I felt a bit more energy, and wasn’t totally run down at night.  It was my day to just relax, and I did just that!  I wonder if the hours of activity directly after the IV took up a lot of my reserves?  Hmmmm….not sure.

Today, 48 hours after the infusion, I’m feeling pretty good.  There are times I just need to sit down and rest and regroup.  But on the whole I feel able to “conquer the world!”  It’s not an overwhelming sense of energy, but it’s also not a struggle just to get stuff done.

Again, I feel the value of these infusions.  I continue to hope that they will stick longer and longer.

Oh, btw:  the doc added a thyroid thingy into the infusions.  He said this could help my energy as well.  Yipppeeeee!!!!

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Posted by on March 12, 2010 in Crohn's Journal, Doctor Journal


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