Another one

17 Mar

Oh, but I’m tired tonight.

WAIT….that sounds like a few of my other posts.  LOL!!!  I guess that’s life for me, for right now.

Again, I think I just pushed myself.  The weather is getting sunny, and I’m getting excited for projects outside.  I’m trying to triple my garden, which is just in containers, but that means I need to make a few more garden boxes.  I got the lumber and worked about an hour on construction yesterday.  I did about another 2 hours today to get them done.  I’m stubborn like that…..once I start something I want to finish it and not put it off another day!  Generally, in the past, I can just gut my way through tiredness.  I did that today, though I wasn’t my normal, cheery self!  I guess I’m learning that yes, I can usually gut my way through and most people will never realize how tired I actually was.  But, I just have to realize how I will pay for it the next couple of days.  I’m glad I have two days now that I can just rest. 

I felt my side acting up while working today too.  Not sure if it was just the activity, and the ways I had to twist my body to get enough leverage to work the drill, or if it was the stress of getting the project done before the wind knocked me over and the rain started coming in sheets.  Either way, I felt it a bit while working.

Seems to be doing okay tonight.  It’s not even 8 o’clock, and I could for sure go to bed right now!  But…….NCIS is on, and that’s one of my favorite shows.  Guess I’ll go make some tea, relax, and try to stay awake.  Maybe a Valerian would be good tonight, just to relax even more and make sure I get the most out of my sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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