18 Mar

I love my Ninja!!! 

No, I didn’t marry someone who is this Bruce Lee of the modern world.

It’s actually a kitchen appliance.

My Magic Bullet broke, and since then I had been looking for a replacement, but something that could do MORE!  I thought I had it, twice.  But alas, these appliances just didn’t do what I wanted.  I finally heard about the Ninja.  Being the thoughtful person I am, I researched it online.  Sure, the infomercials make it sound like it can do everything and more, but I am a skeptic by nature, so wasn’t totally taken in by them.  I decided to use my birthday money to buy a Ninja from a local store, knowing that, if it didn’t pan out, I could always return it and get something else.  😉

Well…..let me tell you something.  This thing is amazing!!!

In my blender, if I put frozen strawberries and yogurt in to make a smoothie, I have to stop often to stir with a knife.  Not with the Ninja!  It doesn’t matter that there is not much liquid in there….it just whirls around and chops and blends that stuff like nobody’s business!!!  In just a few short seconds I go from frozen un-mixed food to a perfectly created smoothie.  Awesome!

It is also great though for chopping or dicing foods.  I make Brasco Broth probably once a week.  In this broth I have onions, celery, carrots, zucchini, garlic, and ginger, all of which need to be diced up pretty small.  Previously it would take me an hour to make this soup, chopping and dicing by hand.  Not anymore!  Now, I just prep these foods, leave them in large chunks, throw them in the Ninja, and viola!!!  Instant diced veggies perfect for my soup.  My prep time has gone from one hour to 15 minutes, tops.

I’ve also mixed SCD legal bread batter in my Ninja, whipped eggs for crepes, combined salmon and other things to make perfect salmon patties, and mixed and chopped to my hearts content. 

Oh, and something very cool for this summer?  It can take ice and SHAVE it so fine it is like snow.  Perfect for my kiddos on those hot summer days that will come!

I just love my Ninja.  I dont’ know what I ever did in my kitchen without it.  😉

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Posted by on March 18, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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