Lots of gas

27 Mar

Well, we made it!  The 8-hour car ride was really fine.  I took some salmon patties I made the day before, quick crackers (from, and some Lara Bars.  I was able to satisfy my hunger without compromising my diet.  Hooray!!!

Yesterday was our first day here.  For some reason, I had a ton of gas all through the day.  Not sure if my system just needed to poop a lot, or what.  sometimes that happens if I get stopped up.  But, I didn’t really like feeling all that gas.  I ate things that were legal, so I can’t really pinpoint what went wrong.  It could have been just “one of those days!”

I do have a big o’l pot of soup here, as well as my homemade yogurt and Lara Bars.  We cooked up some crappie last night in butter, garlic, and lemons.  It was very good!  I kept it simple for myself, which I know I need to do anyway.  I’ll eat more of the soup today.  It’s really yummy, and good for me too!

I do hope it warms up a bit.  25 degrees is colder than we are used to!  But it’s still cool.  Just getting out of the city and into a slower pace of life is so refreshing.

Gotta run.  I’ll try to catch up again later!

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Posted by on March 27, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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