Home again

02 Apr

We made it home yesterday.  We were going to stay another few days, but a storm was coming in and we couldn’t get stuck away from home for a few extra days.  Kids need to be in school soon, don’t you know!  The storm is coming in today, so I’m looking forward to a day at home listening to the wind and the rain.  Sigh…good stuff.

This trip was pretty good.  I was able to eat Lara Bars when I just didn’t know what else to eat.  The 8-hour drive both ways was pretty uneventful.  Boring on the food side, but at least I was able to get sustenance in me without too much trouble while in the car.  While we were at the grandma and grandpa’s place, I ate lots of yogurt (I took my own homemade stuff) and Brasco Broth (which my mother-in-law thankfully made for me!).  Between that and eggs for breakfast, I was pretty well set for food.  I created some things while there just to keep it interesting for me.  And by creative, I mean SCD muffins, quick crackers, cheesecake, and other things such as those.  🙂  Just enough so I felt I was eating and not too bored.

My Crohn’s acted up some.  I noticed a lot more gas on at least half of the days.  I can’t really attribute it to anything I ate (except the asparagus I had one night….I think that definitely gave me gas!).  Everything else was fine, so I think it was just my system.  It will probably always happen like that when I’m away from home.  Nothing painful, but just more symptoms on a minor scale.  It likely has something to do with not sleeping in my own bed and just in general, being away from home. 

I did pretty good on the energy scale, for what I’ve been doing lately.  There was one day I stayed up until around 11 (which I don’t do even at home!), and I was really tired the next day.  I just couldn’t get up the energy to do anything.  There was at least one other day that I just felt like a slug.  I just couldn’t move much.  I’m glad that not much is required from me when I’m at the in-laws and that the kiddos are content playing outside!

It was a pretty good trip.  I came home with 2 1/2 gallons (yes, gallons!) of raw honey from some family friends, and a bunch of frozen crappie that grandpa caught last summer, so I can have more fish.  I’m so happy for that!  Both of those will do me well in the near future.  🙂 

I always love going there, but this was my longest trip yet with Crohn’s.  I’m glad I figured out I can do it, and what types of foods I can pack for me.  I’m glad to be home though.  I’m not an anxious or generally stressed person, but traveling will increase whatever is there.  At home, I can just relax and know that I’m in my own environment, and just……

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