Catnip for Chicks

10 Apr

So I’m new to this whole “backyard chicken” thing, but feel that so far I’ve done pretty good.  I have heard from a few friends that table scraps of fruits and veggies are a nice treat for chickens.  I cut up an apple yesterday, and decided to give my chicks a little treat and threw some of the peelings into their little cage.  Oh my gosh!!!  I heard them chirping away, really loud, in just a short time.  They don’t normally make that much noise, so I went in and checked on them.  As I stood there watching, one chick would pick up a piece of peeling and run away madly, with the other 4 chicks chasing and pecking and trying to steal the apple peeling.  Then another one would pick it up, and the chase would begin anew!  I’m pretty sure that they didn’t settle down for over 2 hours….that’s how long it took them to get the peelings gone.  That whole time they were agitated and loud!  My happy little group of chicks had suddenly turned into a mad mob bent on mayhem and destruction (okay, maybe that’s a bit much….:). 

I’ve learned my lesson.  Yes, apple peelings are a good treat for them.  But up to yesterday my chicks were a happy little brood, with no real “issues” between them.  Now they’ve shown their true colors, and that they can be very mean to each other when a treat is nearby. 

I think I’ll wait until they are grown up and in their coop before I give them any more treat.  🙂

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Posted by on April 10, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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