10 Apr

On Tuesday I received my latest IV.  I was expecting to have energy, and boy was I not disappointed!  I didn’t have much to do that day, but still didn’t stop until dinner time.  I felt energized that night, and even stayed awake watching tv with my husband until 10!  That’s big for me, considering that just a few months ago I could barely stay awake to see the kids off to bed. 

I had 2 yards of good soil delivered Tuesday afternoon, and knew that on Wednesday I needed to get the soil in the containers and get my plants in the ground.  I’m late in planting as it is, so can’t waste any more time.  I also knew that if I didn’t get the dirt in now, when I knew I would have at least some energy for a short time, it would not get done.  I want this garden so that I can have fresh fruit and veggies this year and not worry about where they come from.


It took me almost 3 hours to move the dirt.  Probably around 12 wheelbarrows full.  All on my own.  It was cold and stormy.  And guess what?  I did it!!!  And I only dumped 2 of the loads on the ground by accident.  🙂  I also was able to get most of my plants in the ground.  It took me 4+ hours of solid work before I was done.  Then I had to pick the kids up, take them to piano, dinner, and then swim lessons, before I could come home and relax.  When I finally did sit down, I still felt energy.  My eyes and head felt tired, but my insides still felt energized.  Amazing enough, I wasn’t ready to just crash yet, which I thought might be the case.  I knew that on Thursday I probably would, but it was worth it for that time, so that I could get this huge project done.

When I did wake up on Thursday, my eyes and head still felt tired and heavy.  I expected that.  But I had a hard time settling down and just relaxing.  I tried to take some time, but my feet and insides were still going.  Wow!  I didn’t expect to still have energy 2 days later.  Maybe the IV’s are starting to do some good work, and building up in my system like what the doc said they would.  Hooray!  I went back outside and did another hours worth of work on my garden.  Then I picked the kids up, and did more work, including a fantastic dinner!  It is currently after 8:00pm, and I’m still going.  I feel like I could crash soon, my muscles ache from yesterday, and I probably will sleep very well tonight.  But, I’m just psyched that it seems my energy is coming back, and is more consistent. 

Sigh………maybe life can get back to normal…….maybe.

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Posted by on April 10, 2010 in Crohn's Journal, Doctor Journal


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