Our chickens

14 Apr

Oh these girls are growing!  Most of them are in their “ugly” phase or getting to it.  That’s where they lose their really cute baby fluff and get their “big-girl” feathers….I think.  They are starting to bug me being in my back porch, but I’ll live with that.  🙂  It’s worth it for the eggs!

Here’s some pictures of our girls.  We have five total.  Our daughter picked the fluffy yellow one, and named her Grace.  Our son picked the black and white speckled, and named her Toothless (in honor of the dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon).  Our kids helped us pick names for the other three:  the lightest headed red is Hope, the medium is Apple, and the darkest red is Peep (my husband really wanted one named Peep :). 

Enjoy!  I’ll keep you posted. 

Hope and Apple (I think!)

The girls the day we got them

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