Herb garden

19 Apr

Wooohoooo!!!  I finally got my herb garden in today.  Not that I had any clue what I was doing, but it’s done!  Since I am going “organic” now, and need ways to spice my food up (sorry the pun!), I figured I would put a bunch of pots together in an unused area of my back porch and plant some herbs.  So far I have basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, dill, chocolate mint, and plain ol’ mint.



Seriously….I’ve never worked with fresh herbs before.  I guess I have a lot of learning to do this summer!  But it feels oh so good to take my health in my own hands, and know that I will be eating healthy.  I hope to learn all about these herbs and how to make fantastic food! 

I already learned tonight that I can take the bark off of our Snowball Bush, and use it in a tea.  Apparently it’s good for “female problems” mainly, which I don’t really have.  BUT, it’s also used to relax muscles, can be an anti-inflammatory, and a mild diuretic.  Not that with Crohn’s you want diarrhea, but if you’ve read many of my other posts, you know why I might want some help!

Ah, feels good to be doing work like this!

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