Blood Pressure

23 Apr

So, on Wednesday morning I passed out.  Apparently my blood pressure dropped when I got out of bed, and consequently, I dropped to the floor.  Oh, but it was a nice 5 second nap that I kinda wish my husband had not interrupted!  Anyway…..

The rest of the day I was kinda light headed.  At one point in time I fell asleep while talking with my son.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I know now that my BP must have dropped at that point in time. 

On Thursday I just took it easy.  I checked my BP often.  It started out around 107/57 in the morning.  At one point in time, when I felt myself getting really drowsy, it was at 91/51.  It took until the afternoon for it to get normal (117/72) for me.  Usually, I run right around 120/80.  I was able to talk with my doctor that morning, and he feels my thyroid is still not functioning as it should, and this is part of what is causing me to have the low BP.  He has me on Cytomel and Levoxyl now in order to try and regulate my thyroid.  He also said to make sure the drink lots of water and use more salt.  I’m trying!

We are also going to take my IV’s down to half strength.  Dr. John (my Naturopath) feels that maybe we are pushing the detox too fast with the IV”s, and we need to back off and take it slower for a while.  Dang!  I felt like they were doing some good for me, and I’m skeptical that dropping them down will do any good at all.  But alas, I needed to decide which way I was going to go, and I chose to trust this doctor and see what has happened.

The good news?  We checked other things with my blood, and the CRP and SED rates (both good markers for inflammation) had dropped significantly.  Hooray!  I’m glad to see that something is happening inside that’s good!

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Posted by on April 23, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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