26 Apr


Today I encountered an interesting problem.  Suddenly, something I had grown up with and done my entire life, came into question because of my Crohn’s.  It was a simple matter, really.  A small piece of bread and a tablespoon of grape juice.  No harm, right? 

But as I sat there in church, knowing we were about to take Communion, my first thought was, “I can’t take it!”  I believe that Crohn’s has a strong link to the bacteria in our guts.  I believe the “bad” bacteria can be fed by sugar and starchy things.  I had no idea what was in the communion elements, and didn’t know what they would do to me.  I have not had bread or juice for almost 6 months.  It’s as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one for me, not having things like that.  I stay away because the temptation would be strong again in an instant.  Sure, in all reality that small amount probably posed no threat to me.  But on the other hand, I know that it ONLY takes a small amount of something to set my stomach on a downward spiral (remember my post about raisins in my chutney?  Just 6 raisins set my gut off).  And I didn’t want my determination towards my diet to be interrupted. 

Yet, in my faith as a believer in Jesus Christ, taking Communion is a somber and serious event.  When it is taken, it is a time to think back and remember and give thanks for all that Jesus has done in our lives.  Considering the amount of times we sin and screw up, that’s no big feat that he died for us and those things don’t count against us anymore!  Without being able to partake, I would have thought I was missing the key part of this holy time.  I could not come before God and remember what his son did.

I honestly was faced with a severe dilemma.

After a moment’s pause, I took a step of faith.  I said to myself, “God will protect my gut from any adverse reaction.”  I chose to engage in the remembrance time, and not be afraid.  I chose to put my faith in My God above all else that was happening to me and around me.  I chose to believe.

A simple thing? 

Yes, it is. 

But it has oh so much weight for my life.

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