Update on…

28 Apr

…….hmmmm, lots of stuff!

Physically I’m doing okay.  Still kinda tired right now.  I’m a bit disgusted because 2 weeks ago I was feeling great.  Consistent 70-75% energy level.  After my “episode” last week, I just haven’t been able to get my energy back.  I feel now that I’m lucky to be running at around 60% max.  My blood pressure has become more stable, but it’s still lower than what I’m used to.  A lot of times in the morning it will run around 100/60, and will get up to around 115/65 or so by the afternoon.  Maybe that’s one reason why I’m feeling sluggish… blood pressure just not being what I’m used to it being.  My gut and everything else feels pretty good.  I really don’t feel much pain at all.  I did start taking magnesium again to try and clear up the constipation, and I think that’s working.  Other than all those things, I’m doing pretty good.

My chicks are growing big!  They are still in the back porch, in the Rubbermaid tub, but they are quickly outgrowing that!  I was hopeful that I’d be able to get them out this weekend, but I think they will need to stay inside another week, at least.  The one nice thing is that they chicken coop is all set up for them, so on a nice day I can let them go play in there for a few hours.  Last weekend I did that, and they loved it!  Then, when I brought them back inside, they were just like a bunch of toddlers and snuggled up with each other for an early bed time.  They were exhausted!

My garden is looking SO good!  I had a vision for what I wanted to do this year, and I have pretty much done it all.  I’ve got close to 40 sugar snap peas coming up already.  I can see flowers on the strawberry plants.  The carrots are peaking their green heads up.  My herb garden is VERY cute, for the small space I have it in.  And all the other plants look good!  I love my back porch now that I’ve created all of these things, and I love knowing that I will be eating healthy organic produce this summer.

Finances are still tough for us, but we think we will be able to catch our house up in the next week or two.  It is scheduled for foreclosure at the end of May, so this will keep us from going down that path right now.  We are still believing in God for his providing in our lives, and doing our part down here!  We would be nothing without our faith……

That’s about it for now. 


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