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So far so good….

Okay, this might be a bit gross for some of you, but since I’m posting what’s going on in my life on a pretty regular basis, I suppose I shouldn’t skip on some of the details.¬† ūüôā

The last two mornings I pulled some “rubber cement” stuff out of my nasal passages.¬† No, that doesn’t mean I was sniffing the stuff!¬† That just means that whatever was stuck up in there-¬†which was the consistency of rubber cement- has started to come out.¬† I’m not sure if it’s doing what the Naturopath suggested that’s done the trick, or just time, but either way I love that stuff is coming out!¬† ūüôā

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good.¬† I’m really psyched¬†that I was able to get over this cold-¬†one of the worst I’ve had in a LONG time-¬†with just natural stuff.¬† It was an experiment for me to do it entirely natural as I usually would employ at least NyQuil to go to sleep.¬† I guess this whole health journey right now is one big experiment for me, since I grew up in a medical family and didn’t ever really use “natural” stuff!

My son is also almost better, but that was likely due to the antibiotics.¬† Next time it happens I’ll probably take him to the Naturopath and see what we can do with that route first.¬† I DO NOT LIKE antibiotics!!!¬† His ears are plugged again from the ear infection, so I”m going to start the oil treatment on him today.¬† Might also take him back to the Chiropractor to get him hearing better.

Now it’s my daughter that’s sick.¬† Ugh!¬† It might be her Hep A vaccination that she got on Saturday that’s doing it.¬† Whatever it is though, she’s miserable.¬† Low grade fever, cough, snotty nose…..yikes!¬† She slept in this morning and I can hear her coughing upstairs right now.¬† Sigh……

The nice thing is that she likes my Brasco Broth and homemade yogurt, so I’m trying to get as much of that good stuff in her as possible.¬† I believe in the healing properties of both (I’ve seen it in me!), so I’ll keep going down that route.¬† I’m also having her do the oil treatment because, hey, it can’t hurt!¬† We’ll see how long she’s sick for.¬† Hopefully just another day and not more.¬† And hopefully it stops with her, and doesn’t start moving around the family!

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Naturopath cold remedy?

So, I think I got about 80% of my cold gone with my own home remedy stuff.¬† That’s pretty good, considering how bad it was!¬† I was still fighting some congestion and sore throat issues, and my uvula had dark red spots on it, so I decided it was time to go to the Naturopath and see if there is anything they can do or recommend.¬† He looked in my ears, in my throat, and felt my lymph nodes.¬† When all was said and done he said it doesn’t look like strep, but there are a few things I can do to help the healing along.¬† The first is to get some Throat Coat tea.¬† I’ve heard of this stuff before, from singers, and it’s supposed to be amazing.¬† The second thing he said to do is add 10 drops each of Eucalyptus and Thyme essential oils to 1/4 olive oil.¬† Then, starting at the back of the ear, massage this concoction down the side of the throat to the collar-bone.¬† Also, massage it under the eyes, along the nasal passages, starting at the bridge of the nose and going up your cheekbone and then down towards your ear.¬† His reasoning behind this strategy is this:¬† when things are plugged up and can’t drain, the bacteria sits there longer and can cause more problems.¬† By massaging with the oils is helps loosen everything up so it can drain properly.

Sounds good to me!¬† I know I”ve read lots of similar things online for home remedies and heard this from many other people, so I’ll go ahead and try it.¬† When I had the chair massage last week I know it helped loosen everything up (it was after that I started to feel true relief).¬† I also know the essential oils are really good to use.¬† We’ll see if it really works or not, but hey, I figure it’s better than antibiotics right now.¬† This close to our big trip, the last thing I want to do is mess with the bacteria in my gut!


Quick Tacos

This is a pretty self-explanatory meal, but I know how sometimes I need things spelled out for me, so I thought I’d put down what I do.¬† ūüôā¬† This makes a really yummy dinner when we are having Mexican night!

Quick Tacos

  • 1 recipe Quick Crackers, cut into large squares
  • 1 pound ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper (about 1 tbsp each S&P, <1 tsp cayenne pepper)
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • SCD legal black olives, diced small
  • lettuce
  • SCD dripped yogurt= yummy sour cream
  • cheese of your choice

Basically, I cook the ground beef really well, and season more or less with the three spices until it’s to my taste.¬† Then, I take a quick cracker and top it with ground beef, cheese, olives, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes.¬† Sometimes I’ll heat the beef and cheese up, to melt the cheese.¬† Sometimes not.¬† These make really nice “open-faced” tacos that taste amazing!¬† For the rest of the family who doesn’t eat SCD, I serve taco shells or tortillas and they make their own Mexican meal.¬† It’s one of our favorite dinners!

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Thoughts for the day…..

I think I’m on the path to getting better, truly.¬† Not there yet, but with some sleep these past few days I’m feeling more alive.¬† That’s a very good thing……..

I realized this morning as I was glancing over my past few posts that they were kinda sterile and cold….”just the facts, ma’am!”¬† ūüôā¬† So I thought today I’d just write, and see what comes out……..

I guess you could say I’m settling in with a life of Crohn’s.¬† I really don’t feel much loss anymore for the foods I used to eat.¬† Pizza the other night for the family, and I wasn’t even tempted to eat any of it.¬† It seems that I’ve gotten used to my bland diet.¬† I think I should be saddened at the loss of so many delicious foods, but really, I’m not.¬† I suppose that once you’ve gotten off of them for so long, you just don’t really want them any more.

I am LOVING having my coffee back though!¬† Sad part is that it seems I’ve lost some of my “taste” for coffee.¬† It is still that warm blanket in the morning that nothing can compare to, but I’ve yet to find a really good cup of coffee that brings me fully back into all of those memories of the past.¬† I’ll keep looking though.¬† Never give up on your dream!

My poor chickens.¬† I live in an area that gets more than 250 days of rain each year.¬† Silly me thought that I could take part of the winterized¬†covering off a few weeks back, because we had one of those rare sunny days.¬† It was nice to see them and let them get some sun.¬† But lo and behold…here comes the rain again!¬† The flooring of their pen is muddy, and they sit huddled under the nesting area when the rain hits particularly hard.¬† I might just have to bite the bullet and go put the cover back on.¬† At least for another week or so.¬† I hope the sun will show up soon!¬† I’m realizing that, truly, where I live the only certainty for sun is going to July and August, and if we are lucky we’ll get some good sun in June and September.¬† I know my chickens will be much happier to have the dry flooring rather than the open air.¬†

Oh and the four “girls” have turned out to be 4 girls and one guy.¬† We are pretty sure that Apple is a boy, so in another couple of months we will be saying a prayer of thanksgiving for him before we eat him!

All in all, life is going well.¬† I’m not a high-stress or dramatic person to begin with.¬† I like a slow easy pace of life.¬† Sometimes¬†with kids it can get hectic, but I live for those times as well.¬† My two kids bring life to my day.¬† There are times when I wonder, at 36, what my life is supposed to be about.¬† Yes, a mom and wife and all that goes into that.¬† But right now I’m searching to see where God wants me.¬† He’s given me something to share, and keeps bringing it back to the forefront of my brain.¬† It’s not a mid-life crisis, but rather just a soul-searching time for me.¬† I just wonder if there isn’t more out there for me.¬† Hmmmm…….

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Getting better….

Well, I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting close.¬† I was finally able to sleep a few nights in a row, due to first a friend taking my sick boy for the night, and him getting better the next night.¬† My symptoms have also gotten better, hooray!!!¬† I tell ya, it’s been a miserable week….

The good part is that my Crohn’s symptoms did not flare up while I was sick.¬† That would have been the worst thing yet!¬† As it was, I feel like I barely made it through last week in one piece.¬† Here’s what I did that I feel made me get better:

  • Warm sea-salt and water.¬† I know it sounds disgusting, but I learned this trick while being a singer, and not being able to be taken out with congestion or a sinus infection.¬† Each time I have ever done this, it clears the sinuses up in 1-3 days max.¬† This time, it took 2 1/2 days for everything to loosen up.¬† I’m still fighting some congestion, but not the severe packing (with blood) that I was fighting.¬† To do this, I simply take about a teaspoon of sea-salt in a small cup and add warm water up to the lip of the cup.¬† I gargle a few times and spit the water out (it acts as a message to the back of the throat).¬† Then, I stick my nose in the water and snort.¬† ūüôā¬† I do this 4 or 5 times.¬† I’m guessing it’s the violent action of the water going up my sinuses and out my mouth that gets it done!¬† Yes, gross….but it works.
  • Warm sesame¬†oil and crushed garlic.¬† I read this online as a possible cure for ear infections and a soother for ear aches.¬† I think I might have had an ear infection coming on pretty strong, but in the least it was a severe and long-lasting ear ache.¬† It got to where just tipping my head over would cause excruciating¬†pain behind my right ear.¬† Again, I’m guessing it was because everything was so clogged.¬† I simply warm the sesame¬†oil and garlic in the microwave until it’s a comfortable temperature, and then either 1) drop a few drops in an ear, and lay down with that ear up for 10-15 minutes.¬† Repeat with the second ear.¬† Or, 2) if I was short on time, I simply dipped a cotton ball in the mixture and placed it in each ear for about 15 minutes.¬† For the couple of days that my ears were really bad, I made sure to do option 1.¬† Once they got better, I was okay just doing option 2.¬† This totally helped!¬† My ears are still getting plugged at times, but now they are not so plugged that I can’t clear them.¬† ūüôā
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.¬† I’ve heard online that this is good for you in so many ways, so I decided to try it.¬† I just add about a teaspoon of the stuff in a cup with a teaspoon of water, gargle, and then swallow as much as I can.¬† Not sure what it did for me, but I’ll tell you that I did and you can go look it up for more info!!!
  • For my ear ache, the last thing I did was to make sure I slept on my side at night, and that the “bad” ear was facing up.¬† Not sure how I made it through the night like that, but I DID sleep through without any pain that night!¬† I think it’s the fact that the plugged ear was not facing down, where even more stuff could compact during the night.¬† It gave it some rest, I think.
  • For my Crohn’s, I pulled my diet way back, even though I was not having an increase in symptoms.¬† I ate mostly yogurt with berries and Brasco Broth for the couple days I was really sick.¬† I simply DID NOT want my stomach to start getting bad while the rest of me was in such terrible shape, so stuck with what I knew worked!¬†

That’s about it.¬† I will do all of these things again, if I get sick like this again.¬† The BEST thing I can say if you are getting stuffy is to do the sea-salt thing.¬† I learned this from my 70-year-old voice instructor way back when.¬† This is the lady¬†that from the age of 4¬†grew up in Europe learning her craft (piano and voice), and has sung in many of the premier locations around the globe.¬† She REALLY knows what she’s talking about!

I hope some of these tips help you, if you get sick.  If not, and you find something different, please let us know here what you did!

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Still sick…..

It’s been 5 nights since I’ve slept through the night.¬† 4 of those were due to my son, who has an ear infection, coming downstairs in pain.¬† But, my own ears have been hurting the past 3 nights, and the pain has woken me up in the middle of the night.¬† I hope I don’t have an ear infection.¬† I know the docs would want to put me on an antibiotic, and that only makes my Crohn’s worse.¬† Plus the fact that we’ve worked so hard these past 6 months to get my gut back in balance with good bacteria, the last thing I want to do is go and kill everything and start all over again!

It’s hard to not get enough sleep.¬† I am someone who needs a ton of rest in the first place, so not getting enough really takes its toll.¬† I wonder if I would have been hit so hard if I would have been caught up on sleep?¬† Possibly not….

But, since I’m here, this is what I’m doing:¬†

  • Gargling with warm water and sea-salt
  • Snorting warm water and sea-salt into my sinuses.¬† This has always¬† loosened everything up for me
  • Drops of warm sesame oil and garlic, in each ear, twice a day.¬† Today my ear popped, just a little bit, and is hurting less.¬† I have hope this will continue to help (garlic is a natural antibiotic, and the warm oil is very soothing for the pain)
  • Hot packs on the ears
  • Massage on the lymph nodes and sinuses.¬† I actually had a chair massage this morning from a masseuse, and she did my sinuses.¬† They were feeling great the rest of the afternoon!
  • Apple cider vinegar.¬† I gargle with this at last once a day, and try to swallow at least a teaspoon.¬† It is supposed to be very good for you

My throat still hurts, sometimes worse than others, and I have to keep on top of the pain in my ears.¬† I hope tonight to get some good sleep.¬† I can’t do too many more days or little sleep………

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So yesterday I started to get a sniffly¬†nose.¬† Not something that usually would bug me.¬† But by evening time I was all clogged up, my throat was starting to hurt, I felt chilled even though I didn’t have a temp, and my body was aching on the right side.¬† I’ve always been very impervious to colds and other such things,¬†maybe catching one minor one a year.¬† Maybe.¬† Since my Crohn’s diagnosis I haven’t really been sick, and this couldn’t have come at a worse time as I have a lot on my plate right now.¬† Last night I just couldn’t sleep.¬† Add that to the fact that my son has had a bad ear infection and has woken up in pain 4 out of the last 5 nights, which means my sleep is interrupted, and I’m a hurting’ girl!¬† I’m one that needs tons of sleep, so I’m guessing that the Crohn’s plus the lack of sleep plus a minor bug crept upon me to wreak havoc.¬†

I’m doing what I can to make it all better.¬† One of the main things is snorting a sea salt¬†and water mixture up my nose.¬† Might sound gross, but it’s something I learned when singing, and it really works.¬† It helps to clear out the gunk in the back of my nasal passages, which is the worst part right now.

I sure hope I can sleep a full night tonight!¬† We have a conference at my church the next two days, and I’m helping with it.¬† ūüôā

Oh, and this doesn’t seem like a flare or anything.¬† My pain is not any worse and my other symptoms don’t seem out of normal, so I think it’s just a bug I caught.

Lucky me!!!

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