Bad reaction

09 May

Last night we had some friends come over for dinner.  I LOVE Mexican food, and have missed being able to have any, especially my enchiladas which everyone loves.  I have been finding tons of recipes off of, and so I bought one of their magazine issues that had Mexican recipes in it.  I decided for last night to make tortillas (SCD legal), enchiladas (again, SCD legal), guacamole (SCD), and make-your-own-tacos/burritos for the rest of the people.  All of the recipes I tried were new for me, but I took them on! 

I must say that everything was delicious.  I’m not particularly fond of avocado’s, but this recipe I found from Erin’s site for guacamole salsa was amazing!  The tortillas were a bit tough to make, and I couldn’t roll them up.  So instead I did a layered enchilada casserole.  The enchilada sauce had Campbell’s original tomato juice and some spices, that’s it.  Basically, the enchilada casserole was made with layers of tortilla, meat, sauce, cheese, repeated until I was out of tortillas.  Topped with yogurt-dripped sour cream and guacamole, and it was wonderful!  I also had strawberries as my dessert.

All total, there were probably 4-5 ingredients that were new to me last night….the tomato juice, avocado, paprika, Tabasco sauce, and cayenne pepper.  I knew I was pushing it with that many new things, but really wanted to try it and see what happened.  I was fine last night, and slept well.  When I woke up I felt a bit of right side discomfort.  Not pain, exactly, but just not normal for me.  I had a BM first thing in the morning like always.  But it was then that my system started to rebel against me.  I don’t normally have gas cramps first thing in the morning, but they started before I even had breakfast.  It was very uncomfortable.  Pretty soon, I found myself on the toilet for 20 minutes, with the last result being D.  That’s not normal for me.  Even as I sit here, more than 3 hours after I woke up, I am getting cycles of minor cramping.  That’s the best I can explain it.  It’s not exactly pain, but it is 3-4 times more the symptoms than what I feel on a normal day.  It’s just….uncomfortable.

So, I’m going to stay home today, and just rest.  I’ll have simple foods that I know are safe the rest of the day.  Tomorrow if I’m feeling okay in the morning I may have the leftover enchiladas for lunch.  I’ll probably wait a month to try avocado’s again.  Since I tried so many new ingredients, I really can’t tell which one had the problem.  So, I just keep a journal of what it could have been, and try them again in the future.

And the worst part of this whole Crohn’s thing is that, I might be fine next time with those same ingredients, but then someday my gut might decide it doesn’t like them again, so I’m back to square one again!  You just never know with Crohn’s what might set your system off. 


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