13 May

Oh, I can hardly wait until May 14th!  That’s the day that I’ll have been on SCD for 6 months.  To celebrate, I am reintroducing coffee to my diet.  And not decaf either…the real stuff!  Oh, I can hardly wait! 

I’ve been drinking coffee since I worked at McDonald’s in the mornings at 15.  I ran a coffee shop in college and drank coffee from 8pm to midnight every night for 3 years.  I LOVE the flavor of coffee, and need to have a cup in the morning.  My children know that I love coffee.  For Mother’s Day last year my 5-year old son wrote “coffee” as the answer to “where does your mom like to shop?  what’s her favorite drink? and what does she like to do?”  He knows me!!!  I had my daughter at 5 able to tell the barista that her mom wanted a “16 oz skinny sugar-free vanilla latte.”  I LOVE MY COFFEE!!!

It has been hard to not have my coffee.  To not have that cup of warm comfort in the morning.  I’m glad I did it.  It shows I can.  I don’t even want the caffeine.  I just want the flavor and the smell. 

I hope that my system can handle it.  Not everyone can, and decaf is illegal on my diet.  I’ll start small, with a half-strength cup.  I want to cheat, and just say that it’s okay to have a cup today, but I won’t.  I’ve worked too hard these past 6 months to give up that determination.  Coffee is the perfect treat for me to give myself, to say “well done!”

Mmmmm…..I can smell it already.  🙂

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Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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