6 months!

15 May

Well, it’s been six months since I got the diagnosis of Crohn’s, and six months that I’ve been following the SCD diet.  All in all, it’s gone pretty good.  Of course, I don’t want to “celebrate” having Crohn’s, but changing your diet so dramatically overnight and sticking with it IS something to celebrate!

So, I made my coffee yesterday  morning to celebrate.  This was a real treat for me.  I’ve been a coffee drinker for over 20 years, and then I went off of it cold-turkey six months ago.  I didn’t really have any caffeine withdrawal symptoms (I was drinking half-decaf to begin with), but it was the emotional withdrawal that got to me.  You see, for me, coffee is like your favorite cozy blanket.  It wraps you up in smooth relaxation and makes all your cares go away.  Just the smell or feel of something like that reminds  you of better days, and that the world can be good once again.

I missed my blankie these past six months.  🙂  And just like a favorite blankie, there is nothing that can ever replace it.  I tried tea.  Didn’t work.  It’s just not the same!

Yesterday morning, as the house was quiet, I made my coffee.  As it was brewing I leaned over and just smelled the wonderful aroma.  My feet were dancing and I clapped my hands like a little kid as I watched it brew.  I was grinning ear-to-ear in anticipation.  I just couldn’t wait to taste it, no matter how weak it was!  And that first sip?  Heaven on earth. 

It’s been worth it, to be so strict with my diet.  I’ve lost 50 pounds, my skin has cleared up, and a few other “issues” besides Crohn’s have eased up.  Yes, it is hard to live with Crohn’s.  I don’t like having to worry about my diet and how I’m going to feel that day.  I don’t like it when I have an “off” day.  But so far being on the SCD has made a world of difference.  I don’t know yet if the diet can do everything that medication can do.  I’m still skeptical on that. 

But, this is what I do know:  If I would have just gone straight to the drugs I never would have known how I could change my diet so radically and feel pretty good.  I never would have even given something like this a chance.  Maybe it will turn out that the path of my Naturopath in combination with the diet will work in keeping me in remission.  Maybe not.  Either way, I have proven to myself that I can do this.  I now know that I have the strength to live with Crohn’s.  It has not made me weak, as I initially thought.


Getting this disease has made me stronger than I ever knew I could be.

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