Doctors, Part 7

18 May

I didn’t really see my doctor for an appointment today, but rather sat in his office talking with him while my IV was dripping away.  For that reason I think it would be good to give some updates.  🙂

The biggest thing we are still trying to get under control is my thyroid.  We pulled some more blood out of me to retest the thyroid, and see how things are working after having been on the 2 meds for just under a month.  We’ll see how that goes…..

I talked with him about Mexico.  Our family is taking a trip soon with our church to work with the people who live in one of the major dumps.  Yes, it’s pretty crazy for me to go there, being newly diagnosed with Crohn’s.  But, from the start, I knew I could trust God to take care of me, so I’m going down there in faith!  We talked today about me getting the Hep A vaccine, and he strongly suggested I not get it.  Apparently there is an inflammatory component in that vaccine, and with me being stable now, we don’t want to introduce any new inflammation.  I already plan on being careful, and am trusting God, so I think I’ll be okay.  🙂

We also talked about how his office treats cancer patients, and what a Naturopathic approach for that would be.  I’m very interested to know more about this, and might end up buying one or both of his books.  In short, they incorporate vaccines for cancer that so far have about a 33% success rate.  This doctor cares about his patients, so that’s why I’m inclined to believe him.  He remembers each of the 35 who have died of cancer of the last 12 years, and the day they died.  Do all doctors do that?

The last thing that was pretty cool was the fact that my Naturopath doctor and my GI doctor from the big university here that diagnosed me recently sat down for 3 hours talking about Crohn’s and how to integrate complementary and alternative medicine with traditional medicine.  My GI then invited my Naturopath to come and speak with his “group” of GI specialists there at the university on this topic.  That is so cool!!!  What that means for me is that I know that the GI is open to new things.  Therefore, when I get my next colonoscopy at the end of this year I will go back to him, and maybe eventually he and the Naturopath can work together in my treatment.  How awesome would that be???

That’s about it from today.  I don’t see my Naturopath until July now, so I’m just sticking with the protocol I’ve been on for 3.5 months.  I anticipate that at that point I’ll be able to drop down on some of my dosages.  But for right now, I’m doing well, so let’s keep me going in that direction!!!


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