Getting better….

25 May

Well, I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting close.  I was finally able to sleep a few nights in a row, due to first a friend taking my sick boy for the night, and him getting better the next night.  My symptoms have also gotten better, hooray!!!  I tell ya, it’s been a miserable week….

The good part is that my Crohn’s symptoms did not flare up while I was sick.  That would have been the worst thing yet!  As it was, I feel like I barely made it through last week in one piece.  Here’s what I did that I feel made me get better:

  • Warm sea-salt and water.  I know it sounds disgusting, but I learned this trick while being a singer, and not being able to be taken out with congestion or a sinus infection.  Each time I have ever done this, it clears the sinuses up in 1-3 days max.  This time, it took 2 1/2 days for everything to loosen up.  I’m still fighting some congestion, but not the severe packing (with blood) that I was fighting.  To do this, I simply take about a teaspoon of sea-salt in a small cup and add warm water up to the lip of the cup.  I gargle a few times and spit the water out (it acts as a message to the back of the throat).  Then, I stick my nose in the water and snort.  🙂  I do this 4 or 5 times.  I’m guessing it’s the violent action of the water going up my sinuses and out my mouth that gets it done!  Yes, gross….but it works.
  • Warm sesame oil and crushed garlic.  I read this online as a possible cure for ear infections and a soother for ear aches.  I think I might have had an ear infection coming on pretty strong, but in the least it was a severe and long-lasting ear ache.  It got to where just tipping my head over would cause excruciating pain behind my right ear.  Again, I’m guessing it was because everything was so clogged.  I simply warm the sesame oil and garlic in the microwave until it’s a comfortable temperature, and then either 1) drop a few drops in an ear, and lay down with that ear up for 10-15 minutes.  Repeat with the second ear.  Or, 2) if I was short on time, I simply dipped a cotton ball in the mixture and placed it in each ear for about 15 minutes.  For the couple of days that my ears were really bad, I made sure to do option 1.  Once they got better, I was okay just doing option 2.  This totally helped!  My ears are still getting plugged at times, but now they are not so plugged that I can’t clear them.  🙂
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.  I’ve heard online that this is good for you in so many ways, so I decided to try it.  I just add about a teaspoon of the stuff in a cup with a teaspoon of water, gargle, and then swallow as much as I can.  Not sure what it did for me, but I’ll tell you that I did and you can go look it up for more info!!!
  • For my ear ache, the last thing I did was to make sure I slept on my side at night, and that the “bad” ear was facing up.  Not sure how I made it through the night like that, but I DID sleep through without any pain that night!  I think it’s the fact that the plugged ear was not facing down, where even more stuff could compact during the night.  It gave it some rest, I think.
  • For my Crohn’s, I pulled my diet way back, even though I was not having an increase in symptoms.  I ate mostly yogurt with berries and Brasco Broth for the couple days I was really sick.  I simply DID NOT want my stomach to start getting bad while the rest of me was in such terrible shape, so stuck with what I knew worked! 

That’s about it.  I will do all of these things again, if I get sick like this again.  The BEST thing I can say if you are getting stuffy is to do the sea-salt thing.  I learned this from my 70-year-old voice instructor way back when.  This is the lady that from the age of 4 grew up in Europe learning her craft (piano and voice), and has sung in many of the premier locations around the globe.  She REALLY knows what she’s talking about!

I hope some of these tips help you, if you get sick.  If not, and you find something different, please let us know here what you did!

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