So far so good….

31 May

Okay, this might be a bit gross for some of you, but since I’m posting what’s going on in my life on a pretty regular basis, I suppose I shouldn’t skip on some of the details.  🙂

The last two mornings I pulled some “rubber cement” stuff out of my nasal passages.  No, that doesn’t mean I was sniffing the stuff!  That just means that whatever was stuck up in there- which was the consistency of rubber cement- has started to come out.  I’m not sure if it’s doing what the Naturopath suggested that’s done the trick, or just time, but either way I love that stuff is coming out!  🙂

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m really psyched that I was able to get over this cold- one of the worst I’ve had in a LONG time- with just natural stuff.  It was an experiment for me to do it entirely natural as I usually would employ at least NyQuil to go to sleep.  I guess this whole health journey right now is one big experiment for me, since I grew up in a medical family and didn’t ever really use “natural” stuff!

My son is also almost better, but that was likely due to the antibiotics.  Next time it happens I’ll probably take him to the Naturopath and see what we can do with that route first.  I DO NOT LIKE antibiotics!!!  His ears are plugged again from the ear infection, so I”m going to start the oil treatment on him today.  Might also take him back to the Chiropractor to get him hearing better.

Now it’s my daughter that’s sick.  Ugh!  It might be her Hep A vaccination that she got on Saturday that’s doing it.  Whatever it is though, she’s miserable.  Low grade fever, cough, snotty nose…..yikes!  She slept in this morning and I can hear her coughing upstairs right now.  Sigh……

The nice thing is that she likes my Brasco Broth and homemade yogurt, so I’m trying to get as much of that good stuff in her as possible.  I believe in the healing properties of both (I’ve seen it in me!), so I’ll keep going down that route.  I’m also having her do the oil treatment because, hey, it can’t hurt!  We’ll see how long she’s sick for.  Hopefully just another day and not more.  And hopefully it stops with her, and doesn’t start moving around the family!

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