Ice cream!

05 Jun

No, I didn’t actually get to have some ice cream today.  But I DID get to watch my 6 year-old eat a waffle cone at Baskin Robins.  🙂  He is my boy, that’s for sure…..two scoops, one Chocolate Fudge and the other Chocolate, with chocolate chips on top.  Totally what I would have had!

Even though I couldn’t eat any of the ice cream, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there.  He won this as a reward for keeping his room the cleanest for a week, and he did a fantastic job at that.  He was so proud of the fact that he beat out his sister, a first grader and 7 years old!!!  Everyone that walked into the ice cream shop was told, by him, that he was eating this double scoop waffle cone for having the cleanest room.  Oh, he was so proud of what he did!

And me?  I just loved watching him eat it.  Literally, I put my hand in my chin and just…..watched.  My heart was filled with sweetness just in seeing my son enjoy something he worked so hard for.

Maybe someday, I can enjoy a bite or two with him. 


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Posted by on June 5, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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