IV #9

15 Jun

Well, I’m at the maintenance level right now with the IV’s, going once every 4 weeks to get an infusion of the vitamins and minerals my body so needs but doesn’t get.  It can be a challenge to find a vein in my arms, and often we need to put a hot pack on in order to make the vein “pop” and get the needle in.  Today, even with me being cold, we didn’t have that problem.  In went the needle and dripdripdrip came the fluid at a nice fast rate.  I was settled in for a quick 45 minutes and then being done.  🙂

And then, after about 20 minutes, I looked up at the IV and instead of a drip every second, I was getting:




You get the picture.  My IV went from a fast race horse to an ambling donkey, and I was not happy!  I had to wait about another 15 minutes for the doc to finish with a patient before we could get this thing moving, and I had the wiggles bad!  By the time the doc came in I had already been dripping for 45 minutes and barely had 1/4 of the bag done.  Ugh!!!!!  So, he put some stuff in that breaks up the minerals, changed one of the tubes, and off to the races we went!  I was able to finish the rest of the bag in less than 30 minutes, which is what it should have been.  On days like this, my patience is tested!!!

I’m glad to be at this level with the IV’s, and soon I’ll go to every 6 weeks, and then every 8.  They have done their job in helping to reduce the inflammation and supplement my vitamin and minerals needs, and for that I’m grateful.

But sitting in a chair watching liquid drip down the tube is about as exciting as watching the grass grow in Arizona!!!


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