“Watch me, Mommy!”

17 Jun

Yesterday I had a time with my 7 year-old daughter that will forever speak life into my soul.  We were walking down the sidewalk while waiting for piano lessons, and all of the sudden she took off running.  “Watch me, mommy!” she yelled as she ran and jumped over the cracks.  She kept on asking me to watch her, in that sweet innocent voice of hers.  I smiled as I walked behind, and watched her run and have fun.

This spoke volumes into my heart.  Even though she is only 7, she is bombarded each and every day at school with ugly things.  Kids can just be mean.  Not only that, but being in a public, not a private, school setting allows her to hear all sorts of negative things come at her at every turn.  There is no way she could ever shut it all out, and you just know as a parent that some of it is getting in.

Yet, here she was, able to still be my litle girl, just enjoying life and not being weighted down by all of the junk around her.  I will never forget her voice calling out, “watch me, mommy!” 

I loved that carefree attitude.  I need to adopt that for my own, sometimes.  We as adults can be weighted down with all sorts of concerns in our lives, many of which we don’t need to carry.  Maybe we should go for a walk down the sidewalk, and jump the cracks.   

“Watch me, Mommy!”

I’m watching baby.  Oh yes, I am watching.

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Posted by on June 17, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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