29 Jun

We recently took a vacation/mission trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  My initial intention was to write a simple journal about traveling with Crohn’s.  After the first day that we went out to serve, I realized that there was so much more going on that I wanted to write about, and the Crohn’s took a backseat.  I still have included what traveling with this disease was like, but in a very small way.  In the following pages I’ve written the story of this trip, and how my heart and eyes viewed this place for the very first time.

 When talking about this mission field, there is a powerful history that needs to be included.  I only knew the barest parts of this history before I left, and as the days passed in Mexico, I slowly learned the rest.  Instead of going back and correcting what I may have misunderstood in the early days, I’m leaving it as it is.  Captured within the words are the emotions I felt as I learned the magnitude of the story. 

 My hope in writing this is not that you, the reader, will want to sell everything to help the poor, and I don’t want to guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do.

 I simply think this is an amazing story of how one person changed the lives of thousands, and I hope it inspires you to do what you can, when you can, to help those around you.

 It may just be a smile to someone having a bad day.

 A little extra tip to the server who looks tired.

 Choosing to be happy instead of cranky when the line is too long.

 A gallon of milk bought for the mom behind you at the supermarket.

 Or any other small thing that comes to your mind.

 Life is tough for most of us these days.

 But in the small things done for others, we can find the joy we are meant to have.

 That’s my challenge.

 You are only one person.

 But what is it that YOU can do to change the world around you?

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Posted by on June 29, 2010 in Crohn's Journal, Travel


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