Reality hits

29 Jun

No, this isn’t in terms of the Crohn’s.  We got back from Mexico yesterday, and actually the Crohn’s did just fine.  I ate a lot of eggs with tomatoes, ham, and peppers, chicken stir-fry, TONS of pineapple, and bunches of Lara bars.  It wasn’t very exciting, but it kept me safe, and the Crohn’s did not act up while I was there.  As an added bonus, I lost 3 pounds!  I’m at the weight that I’ve wanted to be at for years.  🙂

No, the reality is in terms of life, and financial struggles.  My husband and I know without a shadow of a doubt we were to go to Mexico on this missions trip.  But before we even got home, we got word from an investor that he’s backing out of a key deal.  Where does that leave us?  Out of money, again.  We’ve been here so many times over the past 22 months.  How we’ve made it this far is a miracle of God.  The money we spent to go to Mexico would have paid for a month plus of mortgage.  We can pay this months mortgage and stave off foreclosure for another month, but after that….there is nothing left.  Back to the food bank I go, and I wonder how I’m going to pay for the meds I need for the Crohn’s.

That’s just the reality of the business of our life right now.

But on the personal side of life, we still trust God, and I remember Chabba.  I met him in the dump of Puerto Vallarta.  I’ve written about him in my Mexico journal, which I’ll start posting in a day or two.  When things get tough, I just need to think of Chabba, and the lessons he taught me. 

Watch for his story in my journal.  It’s an amazing one, and one that gives me hope.

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